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Baily’s Hunting Directory Quiz Book
Baily’s Hunting Directory Activity Book
Baily’s pre-annual directory, 1870–1883

Baily’s Hunting Directory has for decades been regarded as the ‘Bible’ of the hunting world. Now, three new books will be launched in the UK at the Peterborough Festival of Hunting on July 17 and the CLA Game Fair, Ragley Hall, Warwickshire, on July 19–21.

Baily’s Hunting Directory Quiz Book, £9.99 (approximately $15. Local prices TBC)
Peter and Dr Helen Brook
Quiz nights will take on a new dimension with this book of 1,000 questions and answers on the hunting world. Do you know the dates of the medieval wolf-hunting season? Or the name if the Aztec god of hunting and war? Or why a hound is said to be ‘jealous’? With a foreword by hunting doyen Michael Clayton, former editor of Horse & Hound, and cartoons of Charles James Fox by Patrick Latham, this book is a must for hunt fundraising nights or simply for lingering over the Port after a cracking day in the field.

Baily’s Hunting Directory Activity Book, £4.99 ($7.50)
Peter and Dr Helen Brook
Designed to inspire young thrusters and challenge old foxes, this puzzle book is illustrated throughout with cartoons by Patrick Latham and will engage the whole family with hunting-themed conundrums, from crosswords to colouring pages.

Baily’s Pre-Annual Directory, 1870 to 1888, £24.99 ($38)
The famous hard-backed annual directory was first published in 1897, but before that, hunting news of hunts was printed in the monthly Baily’s Magazine of Sports and Pastimes. From 1870 to 1888, listings were also included, which comprised, among other things, details of masters, huntsmen, meets and kennels in the UK and Ireland. Recently discovered, these listings have been reproduced between the traditional red covers, with a foreword by consummate countryman Sir Johnny Scott Bt. As Sir Johnny says, it makes for ‘fascinating reading for any student of the long history of hunting’.

The books will be available to order from www.bailyshuntingdirectory.com after July 17

Baily’s Hunting Directory is an invaluable companion to anyone interested or involved in hunting around the globe. From 1897 to 2009, it was published annually (with some exceptions) in Britain between red hard-back covers, and contained essential information on every recognised pack of hounds in the world, be it fox, stag, beagle, harrier, drag, otter or mink. From the very beginning, it was a repository of hunting news and information that now provides an invaluable historical record. Each annual edition would sum up the year, with news of the latest appointments and changes of staff, accounts of notable huntsmen, tales of famous runs (such as the memorable 1929 Belvoir point of 29 miles, viewed by both the future Edward VIII and George VI), reports from hound shows and of breeding, and, of course, descriptions of the current political situation. In 2005, the traditional red covers were hidden by a black dust jacket to commemorate the passing of the much-derided Hunting Act.

In 2009, the publishers, Pearsons, announced that it would no longer be printing the Directory, whereupon Peter and Helen Brook took on the work of producing an online version. They hope one day to publish it as a hardback reference book once again, but in the meantime, keep the website updated with news and contemporary articles, together with snippets from past Directories.

Pre-Annual Directory 1870–1888
Before Baily’s was published in its familiar form, it appeared as the monthly Baily’s Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, which began in March 1860. In November of that year, it listed two hunts, Her Majesty’s Staghounds and Lord Lonsdale’s, with details such as the kennels’ addresses, stud grooms and post town, plus distances to meets from the kennels and the nearest railway station. Other hunts appeared in similar fashion that season, but, from March 1861, information was confined to articles in the magazine advising readers of particular events and changes in staff. It was not until November 1870 that listings appeared for all the foxhound, staghound and harrier packs in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland that had responded to a request for details.

The new listings gave, for each hunt, a table showing the nearest town, hunting days, masters, huntsman, whips and kennels. Such details appeared in tabular form every year until 1883, together with records of notable events. 
In 1883, the growing number of packs meant that the full listing was dropped in favour of details of changes and notable events only, but the increasing inaccuracy this introduced led to the Directory being published separately from the magazine in 1897.

Now, the information from those early listings has been published in a single volume, presented in text rather than tabular form. There are three sections, Staghounds, Foxhounds and Harriers, with packs grouped by country within the sections, and alphabetically within the countries. Contemporary anomalies have been retained, such as the inclusion of some Welsh packs in the English section and the placing of ‘Her Majesty’s Staghounds’ at the beginning, even where other packs come first according to the alphabet, to give an authentic, historical flavour to the volume.

Baily’s Hunting Directory Quiz Book
This is the first dedicated hunting quiz book to be published since 1968, with 1,000 questions and answers covering hunting in every country and every century. Questions range from the straightforward to the fiendish, and include general-knowledge posers, anagrams, word associations and quotations. Topics include, among others, hunting in history, staff uniforms and hunt colours, the historical origins of different packs, hunting in literature, the meaning of common (and not so common) technical terms and hunting around the world, from America to France via Macedonia. Questions are split into 50 sets of 20 questions each, with answers given at the back of the book.

1. Which world-famous actor is a joint-master of the West Carbery?
2. Which huntsman developed the ‘Belvoir tan’?
3. What are the five usual quarry species for hunts in France?
4. Which Northumberland hunt uses falcons instead of hounds?
5. If you were given a Keats, Callow or Higham, what would you do with it?
6. What were the surnames of the authors of The Irish RM?
7. What does the phrase ‘in kindle’ mean when applied to a hare?
8. Who said “Horses are like sponges. They absorb all your strength and leave you limp. But give them a squeeze and you get it all back’?
9. Which famous fashion fop is credited with being the designer of the modern hunting boot?
10. What is the name of America’s premier hound show?
11. Which English foxhound pack uses the earmark Y combined with a litter number?
12. What was Tony Blair’s description of the Hunting Act?
Answers: 1. Jeremy Irons. 2. Frank Gillard. 3. Hare (lievre), rabbit (lapin), stag (cerf), wild boar (sanglier) and roe (chevreuil). 4. Northumberland Crow Falcons. 5. Blow it (they are all makers of hunting horns). 6. Somerville and Ross. 7. The hare is pregnant. 8. Jackie Kennedy Onassis. 9. Beau Brummell. 10. Bryn Mawr. 11. Brocklesby.
12. ‘A masterly British compromise’.

Baily’s Hunting Directory Activity Book
We are all familiar with the frustration of being denied a day’s hunting by fog or frost, and this activity book is designed to while away those enforced days by the fire or long summer evenings out of season. There are puzzles for all ages and levels of hunting knowledge, and guidance notes are provided for less familiar activities, such as logic problems and sorters, which involve deciphering names of hunts from anagrams. For children, there are mazes and ‘colour me’ pages with cartoons by Patrick Latham of Charles James Fox and friends. There are also abbreviations to decipher, words searches, crosswords, and odd-one-out conundrums, all with a hunting theme. The puzzles can be tackled alone or in groups and answers are given at the end of the book.

For more information, please email info@bailyshuntingdirectory.com or visit www.bailyshuntingdirectory.com

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