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From the Executive Director

This is a really good article from the Wall Street Journal (subscribers only)

While the subject is not hunting with hounds, it is about how the animal rights groups are successful in turning public opinion.  We help them by not educating the public on the value of what we do. In England, the anti movement took advantage of the lack of comment and defense by foxhunters for foxhunting. In England, the logic was that it was part of their history, a legal pastime and their God-given right.  The same thing is happening today in the USA and around the world: the animal rights groups are campaigning to close down animal farming and turn our children into vegans.  Animal Agriculture tried to ignore them and keep a low profile.  They, too, stayed away from other AR targets such as hunters.  Who would think animal rights groups would go after our food supply?  After all isn’t it our right to eat the food as we always have?  But, now with the wolf’s breath on their necks, animal agriculture has stepped up to the plate to join us.

HSUS and PETA have long targeted medical research using animals.  It started with trying to prevent using animals to test cosmetics.  It was easy for the public to agree that animals need not suffer for human vanity.  In the USA, the recent banning of horses for human consumption set the stage for such bans on other livestock.  If we shouldn’t eat horses, which are livestock and have been eaten for centuries, than why should we eat cows, pigs and chickens?

This article explains how medical research got into the their current fix.  It clearly shows the use of violence and fear by animal rights terrorists who are no different than other terrorists but for reasons stated, seem to be tolerated by the public.  Who would have thought anything so important as research to save the lives of children, people and other animals could possibly be banned thanks to public support?  The reason is medical research ignored the threat for the same reasons the other AR targets have: it is legal, it is our right, a part of our history and why bother to defend something so obviously beneficial to human health and welfare.  Read this article.  I might add that medical researchers also attempted to stay away from the hunters and other AR targets.  That, too, has slowly changed with “Americans for Medical Progress,” (AMP), who did a very good job exposing the animal rights agenda.  Believe it or not, I helped them by providing information  and “we,” the MFHA, have worked with them and supported them for the last 17 years.  We don’t give our membership enough information on the importance of supporting other AR targets.  The attitude is “what does it have to do with foxhunting?” What better influence in educating our members than the fact that we hunters are a target just like medical research using animals.  We have the same enemies—HSUS and PETA.  You’d think most people would understand the importance of medical research.  Every major breakthrough in medicine for people and animals has involved using animals and 90 percent of the animals used for testing are rats and mice.

Food for thought,

Dennis Foster


‘‘HSUS Revealed’ video gets 34,000 hits

The newly launched Missouri Farmers Care Web site encourages people to find out more about farmers and how food gets from field to plate, and offers stories from farmers around the state who farm because they care. The group recently released a YouTube video, “HSUS Revealed!” which has already garnered 34,000 hits.

CA Attorney General v/s ASPCA

Is this what you call a cat fight?  Or is it just a question of which animal rights agency is top dog? The Humane Society of California has filed a complaint against the ASPCA with the Attorney General.

Texas House Moves to Strip Rights of Sporting Dog Owners

House Bill 1451 classifies you as a commercial breeder if you maintain eleven female dogs that have not been spayed, and you sell dogs.  Now, to a lot of urban folks having eleven dogs may seem like a lot.  But to a sporting dog kennel owner who uses the animals to chase foxes and coyotes or flush quail, it is not a lot.  And if one of these owners sells even just two puppies, then that person opens his house to being searched by the government without cause.  Without even so much as a warrant.

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