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Ten hunts from the Carolinas district attended this year’s Carolinas Hound Show, according to new District Representative Fred Berry (Sedgefield). Outgoing representative Linda Knox McLean (Aiken), MFHA Board President Jack van Nagell and First Vice President Tony Leahy also attended.

MFHA President Jack Van Nagell encouraged representatives to contact MFHA with concerns regarding membership growth, land issues and a host of other topics. He and Mr. Leahy stressed the importance of getting the young entry back in the hunt field. Gary Riggs of Red Mountain Hounds noted that they have had success working with the 4H club in their area. Pony clubs are a valuable source to consider when looking for ways to introduce children to the hunt field. Many hunts agreed that the new wave of trainers are cautious about encouraging their students to go hunting, but that hunts should present the sport to juniors and new families as a way to enjoy and preserve the outdoors, experience a true sense of community and the thrill of a pack in full cry.

Mr. Leahy encouraged all hunts to try to spread the word about hunting to the public, while maintaining the integrity of the sport, remarking, "We have the opportunity to grow if we proceed in the right direction.”

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