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The International Virtual Hound Show (IVHS) is not an artificial intelligence revolution taking over our beloved bastion of nature. No, the hounds to be presented will be all flesh and blood, and they will be some of the world’s best at that.

IVHS Hound Show 01David Traxler photo

While the IVHS may be just as innovative as a “Virtual Hound” sounds, it’s the show that will be virtual this year, and it’s striving to keep us engaged during this unprecedented time in history. Its tagline, “Bringing Communities Together,” promises exactly what many of us need right now; an opportunity to find a little normalcy in our eternal appreciation of what we love most about hunting. The hounds.

All recognized and registered packs are invited to take part in this first IVHS and Online Silent Auction from July 17th through August 13. Here’s a summary and some links:

How’s it Work?

Clubs with a recognized or registered pack of hounds in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada will upload photos and videos, which will then be published for judging by a panel of expert judges, as well as by the viewing public. As long as you’re a hunt member, follower, or supporter, you can test your eye and vote for the best hounds from your perspective. Prizes are awarded for both judging categories.

IVHS Hound Show Catalogues Classes Championships

“Where” Is It?


The showground is virtual and there will be 30 different “rings” running specific classes for different types of hounds. You’ll find the Ring Guide, Hound Show Rules, the Online Silent Auction, and an introduction for Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada on the website.

What’s That About a Silent Auction?

All hunts competing in the Virtual Hound Show can also enter a single lot for the Online Silent Auction. Proceeds from these go a long way toward meeting annual fundraising goals for clubs. This year, you’ll have an international market at your fingertips where you have the opportunity to score some unique items from around the globe.

I’m In! Where Do I Register?


Your registration will be confirmed and then you can file your entries for the show and silent auction. Registration opens June 15 and closes June 30. It’s a £25 entry fee (about $32 USD).

All Those Links Again:

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