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Two members from Waterloo Hunt in Michigan are proud to join the “Century Club” – their age combined with their horses is 100! Get to know more about these two life-long hunting enthusiasts.

Patti Harris

Patti Harris on her horsePatti Harris on her horse.

I have been hunting with the Waterloo Hunt for 52 years. I met my husband, Bucky Harris, while we were both hunting at Waterloo, and soon after we were married. He later became a Master. I started foxhunting as a rider in the field, then became a Whip, and shortly after my husband passed away, I also became an MFH, one of our three women Joint-Masters.

I have had some very good hunt horses from a variety of breeds. My first two horses were Thoroughbreds. I then hunted an Appendix Quarter horse, followed by a purebred Quarter Horse (who was a cow pony from Montana), then a hunter/jumper from New Zealand, and finally the horse I have been hunting for the past 13 years, a Thoroughbred named "Bud.” He is now almost 20 and between the two of us, our combined ages are 100. All of my horses have been excellent foxhunters. How lucky I have been!
~ Patti Harris

Jan Herrick

Jan Herrick on her horse.Jan Herrick on her horse.

Although I had ridden for most of my life, I got my first horse when I was 33. I started hunting with Metamora Hunt in 1979. My horse was in training with Bob and Peggy Hutton, a British couple who made sure we followed all traditional hunting rules. My best hunt horses have been off-the-track Thoroughbreds whose balance, stamina, and ability to interpret the rider’s smallest signals made hunting a beautiful experience. After 19 great seasons at Metamora, I joined Waterloo Hunt Club in 1998 and have had many happy years here.

I am now 79 and am hunting Mojo, a 23-year-old Paint. Mojo was the consigliere for Sally Stommen, MFH, and Field Master, keeping the first flight in order for years. But, like me, he has lately needed to slow down a bit. We are now in the “Stealth Group” and enjoying this new phase of hunting, with fewer runs and many views. Foxhunting has truly turned out to be a lifetime sport for both Mojo and me.
~ Jan Herrick


0 # Kathy Keelan Pew 2020-05-26 17:25
Patti -- I'm so proud to know you. My husband, Steve Pew, and I visited Waterloo several times during joint meets...we came from the Battle Creek Hunt. He is always happy to reconnect with old friends. My thoroughbred, Dan, is 29 years old. That would make our combined age 100 this year. He's still hunting and so am I! Hope to see you again in the near future.
0 # Kevin Keesee 2020-05-14 13:11
Jan, How wonderful to see you looking so good. Remember hunting in Metamora and even Waterloo during Grad school. It is quite an accomplishment you have achieved. Reminds me of Paul Feehan. Keep riding, painting, and loving life.

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