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Visit the International Virtual Hound Show for Great Entertainment and Online Shopping

Please join us for great times online at the International Virtual Hound Show (IVHS). The show is going on now through September 4th at www.virtualhoundshow.com. If you have missed the hound shows this year, and are looking for some great entertainment and shopping, go to the (IVHS). Once registered for free, you can visit the site as often as you like, and you will even be able to join in the public judging vote, photographic galleries and trade stands. Wouldn’t you like to see if your choices match up with our expert panel of judges? Wouldn’t you just love to see beautiful hounds from all over the world? Each with hounds recognized for their own unique contribution to hunting!

Hound Photo 1

There are a number of ways to participate and have fun, all from the comfort of your own home.  You can be a part of something special! This is the largest hound show ever to take place, with...

  • 250 packs participating in 30 rings
  • More than 500 hounds entered from 7 countries across the globe
  • Both a panel of Expert judges and Public voting
  • 3D Photographic exhibition of leading hunting photographers work from around the World
  • International trade stand village
  • Charity Fundraising

Also, take some time to check out the Online Auction for the iVHS! It’s full of amazing items from around the globe that you can bid on! Only 14 days left, it will close on September 4th. Check the leaderboard on the top right of the page to see if who has the top bid on your favorite items.

So far, over $50,000 has been raised for participating hunts to date!

Visit the Auction Here

Here’s just a small sample of what’s available, and most travel items are available to use through 2022. There’s a lot to choose from, and so many things any hunting enthusiast would love to have or do.

Silent Auction 2  Silent Auction 3

This is a great way to meet up with other keen sportsmen and women from around the globe to enjoy the beauty of many different types of hunting hounds, to shop for items in the auction that have probably been on your bucket list anyway, and to show your support for hounds, hunts, and hunting by supporting the auction. 

Be a part of this special event and get your mind off of COVID-19 and all that goes with it. If you want to see this show happen again, play a part in bringing the hunting community closer together in the future, please consider becoming a guarantor to ensure this year’s event and future events are a success.

If you are interested, click below to sign up! Support the show and share with your friends!

Sign Up Here

We have four levels of sponsorship available, and we would certainly appreciate your support.

Have a great time at the IVHS!  You can also get updates on Facebook.

International Virtual Hound Show Tallies Overwhelming Entries

While organizers have delayed the start of the IVHS, now is the time to enter items for the silent auction.

Organizers of the International Virtual Hound Show say entries have been overwhelming and very much appreciated. They have rescheduled the show to accommodate more than 250 entries from seven countries. The MFHA looks forward to seeing all participating hunts between July 31 and September 4.

“Due to the incredible level of support from the hunting community and the number of late entries we have had to delay the show. We want to make sure that all the entries are scrutinized to the same standard as a traditional hound show, and that the entries for the 30 rings are correctly presented for all our visitors,” says Show Director, Richard Walton.

If your club is registered for this year’s IVHS, now is the time to submit your items for the silent auction. Earn that supplemental fundraising to support your season’s opening this fall, which is just around the corner.

Visit virtualhoundshow.com for general information, news, and scheduling updates. Mr. Walton is responding to questions at l (+44) 07970029825 or HonSec@virtualhoundshow.com.

Virtual Hound Show Logo

The International Virtual Hound Show: Bringing Communities Together

The International Virtual Hound Show (IVHS) is not an artificial intelligence revolution taking over our beloved bastion of nature. No, the hounds to be presented will be all flesh and blood, and they will be some of the world’s best at that.

IVHS Hound Show 01David Traxler photo

While the IVHS may be just as innovative as a “Virtual Hound” sounds, it’s the show that will be virtual this year, and it’s striving to keep us engaged during this unprecedented time in history. Its tagline, “Bringing Communities Together,” promises exactly what many of us need right now; an opportunity to find a little normalcy in our eternal appreciation of what we love most about hunting. The hounds.

All recognized and registered packs are invited to take part in this first IVHS and Online Silent Auction from July 17th through August 13. Here’s a summary and some links:

How’s it Work?

Clubs with a recognized or registered pack of hounds in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada will upload photos and videos, which will then be published for judging by a panel of expert judges, as well as by the viewing public. As long as you’re a hunt member, follower, or supporter, you can test your eye and vote for the best hounds from your perspective. Prizes are awarded for both judging categories.

IVHS Hound Show Catalogues Classes Championships

“Where” Is It?


The showground is virtual and there will be 30 different “rings” running specific classes for different types of hounds. You’ll find the Ring Guide, Hound Show Rules, the Online Silent Auction, and an introduction for Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada on the website.

What’s That About a Silent Auction?

All hunts competing in the Virtual Hound Show can also enter a single lot for the Online Silent Auction. Proceeds from these go a long way toward meeting annual fundraising goals for clubs. This year, you’ll have an international market at your fingertips where you have the opportunity to score some unique items from around the globe.

I’m In! Where Do I Register?


Your registration will be confirmed and then you can file your entries for the show and silent auction. Registration opens June 15 and closes June 30. It’s a £25 entry fee (about $32 USD).

All Those Links Again:

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Subscribing Membership to the MFHA is open to anyone who cares about the future of country lifestyles and wants their voice and vote to make a difference. You will also receive Covertside magazine 4x a year!