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On July 29th, longtime Kimberton Hunt (PA) member, Nancy Weaver, observed her 90th birthday by riding out at hound exercise. Her daughter, Sally Weaver, commented, "While it has been at least 30 years since my mother has ridden, it does not look like she lost her seat. Since her birthday fell on a hound walking day, she was generously offered the use of Chief by the Dunn and Mueller families. Chief is a steadfast mount for the youngsters of their family."


The Kimberton Hunt community gathered to wish Nancy Weaver a happy birthday. Photo by Barb Mueller.

Sally continued, "My mother has hunted with Bellwood Hunt on horseback (late 1940’s - early 1950’s) and later (and currently) in the car with Warwick Village Hounds and Kimberton Hunt. She did not get involved with horses until her late teens, and dabbled with side-saddle riding (making some of her own aprons and habits). She is always willing to bring her lemon chiffon cake or shoofly cake to hunt gatherings. A favorite story of hers is that she started the histology department at the local hospital, and would take body parts to Philadelphia for examination! She then notes that 'If there was a train wreck they would have found more parts than bodies to match them with.'"

Barb Mueller, MFH, added, "Nancy Weaver accompanies her daughter at many Kimberton Hunt events. There are not many hunts, hound walks, hunt breakfasts or picnics that go by without Nancy! At 90 years old, she is still willing to hold a horse or hound or snuggle a puppy, and she enjoys hearing the hounds running and of course, seeing the fox. Her feisty personality and quick wit have not missed a beat at 90 years young!"

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