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Genesee Valley Hunt looks forward to foxhunters of all ages participating in the pack’s Sporting Weekend, October 9th-11th, 2015. The valley is a beautiful spot during the first part of October and the fall colors will arrive along with crisp mornings!

The weekend will kick off with a formal late afternoon hunt on Friday, October 9th, followed by a pre-race party welcoming all of our visitors and the participants in the races. The races begin Saturday morning, October 10th, with sanctioned races over jumps, flat races, and other fun races, including a pace race for fox hunters and heavy horses.

The race day’s activities also include a Mustang Makeover demonstration, terrier races, and a tailgate competition. Saturday ends with a hunt ball at the historic Big Tree Inn on Main Street in Geneseo, NY. Seize the opportunity to dance till the break of dawn because Sunday begins slowly with an informal meet (t-shirts and jeans) at the Par-Kees Lounge at noon! Enjoy a drink before mounting up, hunting up to Groveland, and then descending back down to the ParKees for a burger and a beverage. The weekend will end with a formal meet on Monday morning at nine followed by a hunt breakfast.

The complete Sporting Weekend package includes the three hunts, pre-race party, general admission to the races, and a hunt ball ticket for $450 per person. Caps and tickets to any of the events can also be purchased separately. GVH will also provide additional information on available race ticket upgrades, which include a tailgate spot or an infield spot, or if you’re feeling up to it, an entry in one of the day’s races.

Due to limited stabling, GVH has placed a cap on the number of guests. Please reserve your spot as quickly as possible by contacting Sally Boone at sbboone@att.net. Please include your mailing address in order to receive a packet with all pertinent information. Sally may also be reached at 843-367-2646.

We are looking forward to a fabulous weekend in the Genesee Valley! Come join us!

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