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NBC Old Chatham 8 CoupleOld Chatham's Eight CoupleApril 4-8, 2012  Institute Farm, Aldie, Virginia

Judges: David Vore, Lewisburg, TN, Dan Jones, Bridgewater, VA, MFH and Huntsman for the Glenmore Foxhounds                        

Apprentice Judge for Eight Couple Class: Bennet Barclay

Nantucket Harriers Plate: Three Couple Pack Class, 17 packs competing, two blank

  1. Orlean
  2. Bedlam
  3. Old Chatham
  4. Octorara

Huyler Trophy: Five Couple Pack Class,17 packs competing,  

  1. Old Chatham
  2. Bedlam
  3. Hills Bridge
  4. Orlean

Richard V.N. Gambrill Plate: Eight Couple Pack Class, 1 blank

  1. Bedlam
  2. Hills Bridge
  3. Wolver
  4. Old Chatham

Treweryn Bowl for the Highest Scored Run: Old Chatham’s Five Couple

John C. Baker Horn for the Highest Total Scored Pack: Bedlam

Packs competing:

  • Ardrossan, Malvern, PA MBs L. Stockton Illoway, Francis B. Jacobs II, John H. Richards III
  • Bedlam, Rockbridge Baths, VA MB Mandy Bobbitt
  • Ben Venue, Flint Hill, VA MB Beth Opitz
  • Briarmount: Fort Valley, GA MB Joe Hester
  • Fairview: Gettysburg, PA MB Thomas A. Hancock
  • Farmington: Albemarle County, VA MBs Forbes R. Reback, Richard S. Crampton, Charlotte D. Buttrick, Magruder Dent III.
  • Glenbarr: Rockbridge Baths, VA MB William E. Bobbitt Jr.
  • Hills Bridge: Lusby, MD MB Margaret Mikita Crane
  • Middletown Valley: Middletown, MD MB James P. Farber
  • Nantucket Treweryn: Berryville, VA MB’s Peter J. Cook and Frederic B. Underwood
  • Octorara: Floyd, VA MB Lawrence L. Bright
  • Old Chatham: Old Chatham, NY MB’s John P. Kingsley, Jessica Anderson
  • Orlean Foot Beagles: Marshall, VA MB Ramsay A. Barrett
  • Reedy Creek: McKenney, VA MB Thomas L. McElduff
  • Sandanona Hare Hounds: Millbrook, NY MB’s Oakleigh B. Thorne, Mrs. James M. Park
  • Waldingfield: Albemarle County, VA MBs Susan A. Tuckerman, Arie M.Rijke
  • Warrenton Foot Beagles: Wellsville, PA MBs Joan Barrett, Rob McIlvaine, Chris Hamilton
  • Wolver: Middleburg, VA MB Susan Mills Stone

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