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Despite being one of its wettest shows in recent memory, the Maryland Foxhound Club did not let the incessant rain slow the pace or dampen the enthusiasm of the judges, hounds and handlers who met on the lush and stately grounds of the historic Green Spring Valley Hunt Club (GVS) in Glyndon, MD on May 5 for the 44th annual Puppy Show. The show is held on a rotating basis among ten MFHA-sanctioned hunts in Maryland and is restricted to unentered hounds, and the stallion and brood bitches that produced them. It is considered by many as the dress rehearsal for the nationally known Virginia and Bryn Mawr hound shows.


Champion American hound, De La Brooke Bonnie with huntsman Kami Wolk and Masters Sarah Hruda and John Mcfadden. Photo by Bruce Bitting.

This year’s judges were MFHA president and MFH, MBH, MB Tony Leahy in the foxhound ring with current MBH and ex-MFH Liz McKnight in the foothound ring. Together they judged the junior handlers out of the rain under a spacious tent graciously provided by GVS’s Masters Sheila Brown, Whit Foster, Shockey Gillette, Duck Martin and George Mahoney.


A junior handler prepares for the judge to evaluate her hound. Photo by Karen Kandra.

A total of 91 foxhounds, 21 foothounds, and 18 junior handlers entered the show. At the end of the day, the bitches took top honors in the foxhound ring: De La Brooke’s Bonnie was declared the best American Hound, Green Spring Valley’s Poultice was declared the best Cross-bred hound, and Marlborough’s Xena was declared the best Penn-Marydel hound.


Henry Nylen is a perennial standout in the junior handler ring. Photo by Karen Kandra.

The dogs took the top honors in the foothound ring: Calf Pasture’s Redshank was declared the best Basset hound and Sandanona’s Tryrell was declared the best Beagle hound. Equaling out the battle of the sexes, Henry Nylen of New Market-Middletown Valley Hounds was named best Junior handler in the older division. Green Spring Valley’s Samantha Michel was named best Junior handler in the younger division. Green Spring Valley won the pack class.


Samantha Michel of Green Spring Valley with the younger Junior Handlers blue sash. Photo by Karen Kandra.

See the complete results below:


Fox hounds, P. Anthony Leahy, MFH, MBH, MB, President of the MFHA
Foot hounds, Elizabeth McKnight, MBH, Ex-MFH

American Dogs (Class #1):
Goshen’s Kipper
De La Brooke’s Bobcat
Potomac’s Hemlock
Mt. Carmel’s Bad Kitty
Goshen’s Killian
Potomac’s Kellogg

Cross-bred Dogs (Class #2):
Greenspring’s Postman
Elkridge’s Magnum
Green Spring’s Corsen
Wicomico’s Buddy
Howard Country’s Quick
Goshen’s Poacher

Penn-Marydel Dogs (Class #4)
De La Brooke’s Bruin
Mt. Carmel’s Topper
De La Brooke’s Backhoe
De La Brooke’s Bombay
Mt. Carmel’s Tucker
Marlborough’s Xpert

Basset Dogs (Class #5)
Calf Pasture’s Ranger
Calf Pasture’s Ragman
Hill & Hollow’s Quigley
Calf Pasture’s Reynolds
Sandanona’s Q
Calf Pasture’s Rancher

Beagle Dogs (Class #6)
Sandanona’s Tyrrell
Sandanona’s Toby
Sandanona’s Trilby

American Bitches (Class #7)
De La Brooke’s Bonnie
Potomac’s Keebler
Potomac’s Penny

Cross-bred Bitches (Class #8)
Green Spring’s Poultice
Goshen’s Lyric
New Market’s Amble
Green Spring’s Bonita
Green Spring’s Mistress
Green Spring’s Pollen

Penn-Marydel Bitches (Class #10)
Marlborough’s Xena
Mt. Carmel’s Tig
Mt. Carmel’s Tonka
De La Brooke’s Beatrix
Marlborough’s Xerox
Basset Bitches (Class #11)
Calf Pasture’s Redshank
Calf Pasture’s Reason
Calf Pasture’s Rowan
Calf Pasture’s Pickle

Beagle Bitches (Class #12)
Farmington’s Gossip
Farmington’s Ginseng
Sandanona’s Tapestry
Sandanona’s Willow

Brood Bitch and Two of her Produce: Bassets/Beagles (Class #13)
Calf Pasture’s Rainbow (Basset)

Stallion Hound and Two of his Get: Bassets/Beagles (Class #14)
Calf Pasture’s Nemo (Basset)
Sandanona’s Yogi (Beagle)

Brood Bitch and Two of her Produce: Foxhounds (Class #15)
Howard County-Iron Bridge’s Julep
Green Spring’s Pastry
New Market’s Banjo
Mt. Carmel’s Mo
Howard County-Iron Bridge’s Hasty

Stallion Hound and Two of his Get: Foxhounds (Class #16)
Goshen’s Torque
Green Spring’s Nomad
Green Spring’s Monitor
Marlborough’s Victor Too
Wicomico’s Bono

American Best of Breed (Class #17)
Champion: De La Brooke’s Bonnie
Reserve Champion: Goshen’s Kipper

Cross-bred Best of Breed (Class #18)
Champion: Green Spring’s Poultice
Reserve Champion: Goshen’s Lyric

Penn-Marydel Best of Breed (Class #20)
Champion: Marlborough’s Xena
Reserve Champion: De La Brooke’s Bruin

Bassett Best of Breed (Class #21)
Champion: Calf Pasture’s Redshank
Reserve Champion: Calf Pasture’s Ranger
Beagle Best of Breed (Class #22)
Champion: Sandanona’s Tyrrell
Reserve Champion: Farmington’s Gossip

Pack Class Foxhounds (Class 23)
Green Spring

Junior Handler (Class #25)
Henry Nylen (NM-MVH)
Amy Brookshire (Wicomico)
Olivia Adams (NM-MVH)
Owen Hoy (EHHC)
August Martin (EHHC)
Ethan Mentzer (NM-MVH)

Samantha Michel (GVS)
Lola Grozbean (NM-MVH)
Kate Welling (HCIBH)
William Uziel (HCIBH)
Stephanie Sieracki (EHHC)
Josie Grozbean (NM-MVH)

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