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The 43rd Carolina Hound Show on May 10 once again provided an opportunity for hound enthusiasts from different backgrounds to get together and celebrate all types of sport with hounds. Held at Lyell's Meadow and the Implement Shed in Southern Pines, NC, the weather held off this year and participants enjoyed a fine spring day in the Carolinas. MFHA President Tony Leahy, MFH, Massbach and Fox River Valley, judged with MFHA Executive Director David Twiggs.


Carolinas Hound Show Champion Bedford County Detroit. Photo courtesy of Laura Pitts.

Friday evening was a wonderful cocktail and dinner to Salute the Hounds at the Implement Shed. There were Terrier classes, whip cracking, horn blowing and hollering competitions.
Many thank yous to Cameron Sadler and Laura Lindamood, Co-Chairs, and to the rest of the CHS Executive Committee.

The Crossbred and Overall Champion Hound was Bedford County Detroit '17, shown by Laura Pitts. Please visit our Foxhound Show Results page for complete placings.

Wiggins Beagles (SC) were the only beagle pack to compete, and huntsman Amy Gesell commented on making the best of that opportunity. “I was very grateful that the judges did take the time to truly judge my beagles. I learned so much about what we have in the kennel from a judge’s eye.

“Despite being the only beagle pack there, I did have some upsets," Gesell said. "I’d brought my Champion Entered Bitch from last year, Orlean Wiggins Patch, fully expecting her to win, but her mother, Orlean Wiggins Abby, beat her out in the Bitch class as well as beating my Entered Dog in the beagle Champion class. Even competing against myself, it was interesting. I have three different bloodlines in my kennel, so it was fun to see what the judges had to say about beagles from each bloodlines.


Relaxing after a good day: Wiggins Beagles huntsman Amy Gesell.

“When I found out that I was the only one, I almost scratched entirely. I thought 'What’s the point if I’m the only one?' But Carter Amigh told me, 'No! You show! You paid your fees and you showed up. It's good experience. Get in there!' So I did, and I learned a lot!"

For our short-legged hound enthusiasts, here are basset results and sire/dam information:

Unentered Single Dog Basset:
1st: Ashland Nacho
2nd: Ashland Nomad
3rd: Ashland Noah
4th:Ashland Natchez
Breeding on Ashland's "N" Litter (Ripshin Nemo '14/Ashland Avid '16)


Hill & Hollow Denali, Champion Basset Dog and Champion Basset and Carter Amigh, with Ripshin/Hill & Hollow Nautical, Reserve Champ Basset Dog and Kaitlyn Kubiak. Chris Kubiak photo.

Entered Single Dog Basset:
1st: Hill & Hollow Denali '16 (Ripshin Nautical '14/ Hill & Hollow Ada '09)
2nd: Cedar Way Raley '13 (Ripshin Bullet '06/Cedar Way/Hill & Hollow Raindrop '12)
3rd: Ashland Avatar '16 (Ripshin Vampire '12/Ashland Autumn '12)
4th: Cedar Way RumRunner '12 (Ripshin Rooster '09/Ripshin Rhonda '06)

Entered Couple of Dogs Basset:
1st: Hill & Hollow Denali and Dublin'16 (Ripshin Nautical '14/Hill & Hollow Ada '09)

Stallion Basset:
1st: Ripshin/Hill & Hollow Nautical '14 (Ripshin Rattler '05/Ripshin Norma '07)
2nd: Hill & Hollow Dublin '16 (Ripshin Nautical '14/Hill & Hollow Ada '09)

Stallion Basset with Get:
1st: Ripshin/Hill & Hollow Nautical '14 (with Denali and Dublin) Ripshin Rattler '05/Ripshin Norma '07)

Champion Dog Basset Hound:
Hill & Hollow Denali '16 (Ripshin Nautical '14/Hill & Hollow Ada '09)

Reserve Dog Basset Hound:
Ripshin/Hill & Hollow Nautical '14 (Ripshin Rattler '05/Ripshin Norma '07)

Unentered Single Bitch Basset:
1st Ashland Nardia (Ripshin Nemo '14/Ashland Avid '16)
2nd: Ashland Velour (Vernese de Mee Renaudon '05/Tintern Botox '14)
3rd: Ashland Naala (Ripshin Nemo '14/Ashland Avid '16)
4th:Ashland Violet (Vernese de Mee Renaudon '05/Tintern Botox '14)

Unentered Couple of Bitches:
1st: Ashland Nardia & Naala (Ripshin Nemo '14/Ashland Avid '16)
2nd: Ashland Violet & Velour (Vernese de Mee Renaudon '05/Tintern Botox '14)

Entered Single Bitch Basset:
1st: Cedar Way Raincoat '13 (Ripshin Bullet '06/Cedar Way/Hill & Hollow Raindrop(Bangle) '12)
2nd: Ripshin/Hill & Hollow Bright '15 (Ripshin Rattler '05/Ripshin Brassy '06)
3rd: Ashland Avid '16 (Ripshin Vampire'10/Ashland Autumn '12)
4th: Ripshin/Hill & Hollow Rave '12 (Ripshin Barber '08/ Ripshin Reason '06)

Couple of Entered Bitches Basset:
1st: Cedar Way Scarlet/Sassafras '14 (Cedar way Huxley '07/Cedar Way Ragtime '13)
2nd: Ripshin/Hill & Hollow Rave '12 (Ripshin Barber '08/Ripshin Reason '06) & Ripshin/Hill& Hollow Bright '15 (Ripshin Rattler '05/Ripshin Brassy '06)

Brood Bitch Basset:
1st: Cedar Way/Hill & Hollow Raindrop(Bangle) '12(Ripshin Rooster '06/Ripshin Rhonda '07)
2nd: Cedar Way/Hill & Hollow Rainbow '13 (Ripshin Bullet '06/Cedar way/Hill & Hollow Raindrop(Bangle) '12)

Brood Bitch with Produce Basset:
1st: Ashland Avid '16 (Ripshin Vampire '10/Ashland Autumn '12) with Nardia & Naala
2nd: Ashland/Tintern Botox '14 (Monkton Hall Bomber '12/Tintern Suzie '09) with Violet & Velour
3rd: Cedar Way/Hill & Hollow Raindrop (Bangle) '12 (Ripshin Rooster '09/Ripshin Rhonda '07)
with Rainbow & Raincoat

Champion Bitch Basset:
Ashland Nardia (Ripshin Nemo '14/Ashland Avid '16)
Reserve Bitch Basset:
Cedar Way Scarlet '14 (Cedar Way Huxley '07/Cedar Way Ragtime '13)

Champion Basset Hound:
Hill & Hollow Denali '16 (Ripshin Nautical '14/Hill & Hollow Ada '09)

Reserve Basset Hound:
Ashland Nardia (Ripshin Nemo '14/Ashland Autumn '12)

Basset Pack Class:
1St: Cedar Way Bassets- Huntsman Kaitlyn Kubiak (subbing in for Beth Blackwell). Whipper in Dave Arenholtz
2nd: Ashland Bassets- Huntsman Mary Reed. Whipper-In Jt. Huntsman Donny Maley.


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