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Caption this photo of Vinny Cummings, age three, with Shawnee Hounds. Photo courtesy of Kalie Wallace. Please note: Our website receives many automated "robo-comments," usually trying to sell something, so our Admins review all comments before we make them visible on the page. If you don't see your comment right away, check back in 24 hours! Thank you for participating!

WINNER:  "Listen, if we leave now, maybe we can get a jump on that old fox!"

Joan M. Jernigan


0 # Warner Granade 2019-09-21 13:02
A hound's nose doesn't lie. There's bacon here somewhere.
0 # Virginia L. Davis 2019-08-26 21:58
Hey Vinny.......... If I'm a puppy, and you're a toddler, does that make us the same age in hound years?
0 # Mr. H.R. Bert Pena 2019-08-20 16:52
you are the cutest hound i know! What's your name?
0 # Ben Duke 2019-08-18 20:31
It all begins with love.
0 # Kalie Wallace 2019-08-16 15:11
A kiss from me to you tiny hooman!
0 # Amy Cantey 2019-08-16 14:18
Can I tell you a secret?? We're going to have a blast together!!
0 # Sue Sensor 2019-08-16 13:45
mmmm! I love it when Vinnie has peanut
butter for lunch!!
0 # Chris Hurst 2019-08-16 12:52
let me tell you a secret...I left something in the huntsman's shoe
0 # Tony Cummings 2019-08-15 20:48
When you see the coyote run as hard as you can. I wanna go fast!
0 # LINDA ROBESON 2019-08-15 18:01
BFF, best friends forever; a future huntsman in making!
0 # Bet Wise 2019-08-15 17:28
Shawnee pup tells Vinny 'you and I got this- I'll lead my hound pack and you lead the humans and together we are going to have magical years of hunting"
0 # sharon p smith 2019-08-15 17:01
Baby kisses
0 # Joan M. Jernigan 2019-08-15 16:19
Listen, if we leave now, maybe we can get a jump on that old fox!
0 # Jean Roberts 2019-08-15 16:13
Ok, Vinnie, listen up. This year you ride with us!
0 # Catherine Stak 2019-08-15 16:12
Love you!
0 # Jean Roberts 2019-08-15 16:10
Ok, Vinnie, now listen. This year your with us!
+1 # Viviane Warren 2019-08-15 15:32
I just heard the master say you were going to get your colors this year!
0 # Beth Collier 2019-08-15 15:28
Vinny learned 200 words by the time he turned three. 199 of them related to foxhunting.
0 # Daphne Wood MFH 2019-08-15 15:10
Hey, when we grow up , let’s dash around the countryside together chasing foxes ! Deal ?
0 # Barrie Briscoe Reightler 2019-08-15 15:02
Vinnie, I love you most of all.
0 # Emily Rang 2019-08-15 14:31
“Shhhhh. . . If you won’t tell them, neither will I!”
0 # Lisa 2019-08-15 14:12
The beginning of something great.......... ........
+1 # Jill Bonifas 2019-08-15 14:08
I wuv you tiny huntsman
0 # Kathryn Price 2019-08-15 14:06
Learn to control your licker!

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