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Hound Show Cancellations

The organizers of the following hound shows have announced these cancellations: 

Southern Hound Show
Central States Hound Show
Southwest Hound Show
Carolinas Hound Show
New England Hound Show (possible reschedule to later in the summer—check with the New England organizers)
Virginia Hound Show

A Message from MFHA President Tony Leahy, MFH

My First Foxhunt

Olivia FavrettoClaudia Favretto photoThis picture is of me on my pony, Jelly Bean, half way through my first hunt at our farm in Dunham Quebec.

My mother and I had just come out of the woods, and my father was standing, waiting for us. He looked very happy to see that I was in one piece! He gave me a little kiss because he was so proud of me.

My father, Maurizio Favretti, is a master with the Montreal Hunt Club, but he wasn’t riding that day because he had four broken ribs from a bad fall while out hunting.

I was nervous at first, but then I really enjoyed myself. My pony is so much fun. I felt very proud at the end of the hunt, and I cant wait to go again!

Walking Drakko and Drastic

Drakko and DrasticAmy Higgins photoImagine two adorable hound pups. Imagine your ten year old daughter is asked if she would like to take them home for a while. Imagine saying “No”.

Impossible! My daughter Lucy and I were delighted and honored to be asked to take care of two hound puppies. We knew nothing about these pups; not their age, gender or even how long we might have them in our possession but nonetheless we agreed to the task. Even though we could not pick them up for a couple of weeks, we felt this would give us plenty of time to prepare a new home for them.

A Hunting We Will Go!

Alivia CotterIt’s 5 am and I arrive at the barn. The fog is rolling off the creek, and the birds are beginning their songs. We walk into the barn and all the ponies are vocal and excited to see me. As they nicker, mom does the morning feeding and dad hooks up the trailer while I get the greatest hunt pony alive ready for our adventure. It’s hunt day and we are eager to see the hounds.

We have a long two and a half hour drive ahead of us.  As we head over the mountains I think about my first foxhunting experience on my 12 hand POA.   I became addicted immediately. I think about my hunt family and, I wonder how many of my friends will join me today. I think of the hounds and hope that Bob, my favorite hound, will make a good showing. But most of all, I think of my pony Sprinkles. She is a 14 Hand Registered POA and I have owned her for 4 years. I reminisce about how I trained her, our ups and downs over the years. I smile as I remember all of the grand adventures we have been on. Such as our success in the show ring, the pony race at the Block House steeplechase. And finally, discovering and becoming members of the greatest hunt club ever, Green Creek Hounds. I remember past hunts and the thrill of racing across fields and jumping as we follow 85 speaking hounds. By the time I reach the fixture, I am eager to see what adventures await us.

Marocha and Me

Marocha and LuLuSpencer Moore photoI was four years old and I was dreaming of seeing this big black and white horse with me on its back. I knew when I opened my eyes that morning I was going to have fun.  I was saying the whole car ride there,”Are we there yet?”The moment I was about to explode we pulled into this dirt road with an old swing set and white house with the paint chipping off of it. It didn’t seem the slightest bit welcoming but you could hear the cows mooing and the hens clucking.
“This is Windswept Farm, LuLu," my dad said. 

St. James Pony Clubbers Take to the Field

St James PC 1Michelle Larsen photoOn a sleeting windy November morning the cast and crew of St. James Pony Club saddled up in ratcatcher attire at Richardson Farms in Wayne, Illinois to learn how to fox hunt. Atop their steeds 17 Pony Clubbers enthusiastically gathered at the stone wall fence near the windmill pasture waiting to learn about the sport of foxhunting -- new to most of them. Art Richardson, having grown up foxhunting from a young age, shared his knowledge with the young riders; how to be safe, the terminology, what to look for when riding on various terrain and on how to be courteous to both horse and fellow riders.

Meet the Incredible Super Cricket

Cricket and ValentineMy name is Madeline Hartwell and I am the huntsman Eleanor Hartwell's daughter. We hunt with the Bridlespur Hunt.

I want to tell everyone about my pony Super Cricket. He is a little red roan pony that jumps anything, even if he can't see over it. He is twins with another pony in A field named Valentine, who is ridden by my friend Caitlyn Wright. We love to jump and race each other and we also collect Breyer horses. We got Cricket from a place that used him as a show pony and a lesson pony. Unfourtunately for his old owners, he got too strong for the ring and was sent to us! I now hunt him almost every Saturday wih Caitlyn and all of the amazing people of Bridlespur!

Cricket and hounds

Super Cricket


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