Farmington Hunt Connects With 4-H Club

Earlier this month, Farmington Hunt (VA) huntsman, Matthew Cook, and I visited the Hoof-n-Woof 4-H Club in Albemarle County to introduce the young riders to foxhunting and encourage them to join us in the field. 4-H is an active youth organization in Virginia, and since Farmington seeks to increase junior participation, it made sense to reach out - and bring a few extra hunt horns, whips, and one couple of friendly hounds along to help.

Foxhall Farm Cup Team Chase Kicks Off Jump Racing Season

The 2016 Maryland steeplechase season bolted out of the gate on Sunday, March 20, with the running of the historic Foxhall Farm Cup Team Chase. The competition was hosted by Green Spring Valley Hounds in Glyndon, Maryland.

This event is a team chase, where teams of three negotiate a four-mile course across five farms with twenty-four obstacles in Green Spring Valley's home country.

Cedar Knob Hounds Hosts Pony Club Meet

Members of Cedar Knob Pony Club and Middle Tennessee Pony Club were invited to visit Cedar Knob Hounds' (TN) kennels and learn about horses, hounds and hunting on Sunday, February 28, 2016. As the kennel huntsman for Cedar Knob, I picked up the Caldwell and Wallace boys on my way to work so they could help out with the clinic. As we approached the kennels just after sunrise, we spotted a beautiful red fox chasing mice in the hayfield. Jacob Wallace took a picture and I was able to capture a small video. The boys were thrilled to be able to see a real red fox and he was apparently unconcerned about us watching his early morning activities.

A Leash of Questions with Sarah and Jack Leannarda

"I love hearing the hounds' music and watching them pop out of the soybeans!" Sarah and Jack Leannarda have been hunting in Maryland with their father and mother, Leslie Deering, since they were seven and five years old. They are the latest recipients of the MFHA's Fairly Hunted Award, recognizing juniors who regularly follow hounds, to answer our Leash of Questions.

U.S. Pony Clubs Honor Hardaway, Ambrosiano with Founders' Awards

The U.S. Pony Clubs (USPC) established the Founders' Awards to honor its most worthy volunteers. Recipients will have made a significant contribution to Pony Club at the Local or Regional and National Levels over a period of twenty years or more. At this year's Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, two outstanding foxhunters were among the five recipients: Ben Hardaway, MFH Midland Fox Hounds (GA) and Nancy Ambrosiano of Caza Ladron (NM).

A Leash of Questions with Madeline Mostrom, Green Creek Hounds

"I love to hear the sound of the hounds!" Madeline Mostrom, 10, is a member of Green Creek Hounds (NC), and loves hunting as often as possible with her mother, Anna Featherston Mostrom. Together, they enjoy riding and following hounds at home and on the road. Madeline - who leased this correspondent's pony for the Farmington Hunt (VA) Thanksgiving meet - is the latest young foxhunter to tackle our Leash of Questions.

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