A Leash of Questions with Madison Staiano, South Creek Foxhounds

Madison Staiano, 10. Jennifer Staiano photo.

"I get out of bed with excitement and joy!" So Madison Staiano, age 10, describes her feelings each hunt morning. She began riding for the show ring, and her first hunt was at South Creek Foxhounds' (FL) Opening Meet on her versatile small pony hunter, Mighty Mouse. Although it was a quiet day, she was instantly hooked. Madison's mentor, Marylu Gallagher, member and past professional whipper-in, has taught her the traditional rules of foxhunting, and Madison has fallen in love with the sport and hopes to always be involved with riding to hounds.

Middleburg Puppies Visit Foxcroft Students Before Final Exams

College-age readers and their parents may be aware of the latest trend in relieving the stress of final exams: Sleep-deprived students taking time out to play, pet, and generally relax with visiting dogs on campus. Gina B. Finn, Director of Admission and Financial Aid at Foxcroft School, heard about this canine study-break therapy, and figured it would benefit girls at the independent secondary school in Middleburg, Virginia, too - so she contacted Middleburg Hunt (VA).

A Leash of Questions with New Market - Middletown Valley Juniors

Three young riders from New Market - Middletown Valley Hounds (MD) shared details about their hunting experiences, favorite mounts, and answered questions for our continuing series about young people who have earned the MFHA's Fairly Hunted Award. Masters may nominate junior riders (under age 18) who participate in at least five hunts per season. Qualified children receive a pin and certificate and a year's subscription to Covertside.  These young women are also members of Frederick Pony Club.

A Leash of Questions With Polly White, Myopia Hunt Club

Polly White. Susan Decker photo.

The Masters of Foxhounds Association presents the Fairly Hunted Award to riders under age 18 who participate in at least five hunts per season. Qualified children, nominated by their Masters, receive a pin and certificate and a year's subscription to Covertside. This series profiles recipients and asks them to answer three hunt-related questions (in hunting terminology, a "leash" refers to three foxes). Polly White, 12, of Myopia Hunt (MA) is our first featured junior.

Brady Cully Remains Focused on Hunting

At 13, Brady Cully has more experience riding to hounds than most foxhunters his age. His family breeds and raises hounds for the Rose Tree-Blue Mountain Hunt, for which his dad Sean is the master. Brady began hunting around six-years-old, and he hasn’t missed a single weekend of hunting nor a day of school ever since.

The kennels are at the Cullys’ farm, so the entire family, Brady, Sean, his mom Maryann, and his 10-year-old sister help out on the farm taking care of the hounds and the horses. They are a close family, bonded by their love of the animals and the many years of labor they have put into building their foxhunting club from the ground up.

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