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Hound Show Cancellations

The organizers of the following hound shows have announced these cancellations: 

Southern Hound Show
Central States Hound Show
Southwest Hound Show
Carolinas Hound Show
New England Hound Show (possible reschedule to later in the summer—check with the New England organizers)
Virginia Hound Show

A Message from MFHA President Tony Leahy, MFH

Photo Gallery: Junior Handlers at Virginia Foxhound Show

At midday at the Virginia Foxhound Show, all eyes turned to the armada of junior handlers making their way from the kennels to the rings to compete! From first-timers to experienced young whippers-in, the future leaders of our sport demonstrated their showmanship skill - with plenty of affection for their patient charges, as well. These images capture the teamwork and bonding that make the children's classes so much fun to watch.

Blue Mountain Pony Club Wins USPC Foxhunting Challenge

The Live Oak Hounds - United States Pony Clubs Foxhunting Challenge Award is presented to the six Pony Clubs which regularly take the greatest percentage of their members out hunting. Blue Mountain Pony Club was the top recipient for 2018. The award is made possible through the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. C. Martin Wood, III, joint Masters of Live Oak Hounds (FL) and past MFHA presidents. Its goal is to encourage Pony Club members who do not regularly hunt to try the sport, and to reward those who do hunt on a regular basis and act as mentors to their younger and less-experienced peers.

USPC Announce Hildegard Neill Ritchie Joys of Foxhunting Writing Contest Winners

The United States Pony Clubs announce the three top finishers in the 2017 Hildegard Neill Ritchie Joys of Foxhunting Writing Contest. This competition is open to all D- or C-rated Pony Club members. The winner receives a $200 cash prize to spend on foxhunting dues, hunt capping fees, Pony Club camp or related activities, with smaller awards to second and third places. From the sounds of the hunt field, to a sleepy pony reluctant to leave his hay-filled stall, to the unseen bonds between hound and fox, these young writers capture the thrills and mysteries of the field. 

Sophia Martin Epitomizes the Future at Lowcountry Hunt

Children bring a special excitement and levity to the hunt field, and at age seven, Sophia Martin of Lowcountry Hunt (SC) is an experienced rider and occasional staff member. Though only in second grade, she has already helped hunt hounds with such esteemed huntsmen as Martyn Blackmore at Lowcountry, Tot Goodwin of Green Creek Hounds (NC) and William Dunne of Middleton Place Hounds (SC). She recently received Lowcountry's Junior of the Year Award.

Fort Leavenworth's Junior Hunt Puts Kids in Command

Fort Leavenworth Hunt (KS) recently held its Junior Meet, the culmination of a thoughtfully-planned program to encourage children to ride in the field. Joint Master Steve Smith shares their strategy to engage youngsters, and several juniors themselves weigh in on the day's sport - and how to attract other kids to come out foxhunting. 

County Clare Junior Overcomes Challenges to Hunt

Seven-year-old Brianna Scanlan shares the love of horses, dogs and being outdoors with many children her age. Born with numerous physical and developmental challenges, including epilepsy and cardiac abnormalities, it's more difficult for her to participate. But with the help of a special canine friend and her sporting family, she's a popular figure in her local hunt field in Ireland.

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