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"I love to hear the sound of the hounds!" Madeline Mostrom, 10, is a member of Green Creek Hounds (NC), and loves hunting as often as possible with her mother, Anna Featherston Mostrom. Together, they enjoy riding and following hounds at home and on the road. Madeline - who leased this correspondent's pony for the Farmington Hunt (VA) Thanksgiving meet - is the latest young foxhunter to tackle our Leash of Questions.


1. Who is your favorite hunt horse or pony, and why?

Answer: My favorite hunt horse is named Pilsbury, who is a draft horse and I lease him for foxhunting. I love riding him because he is so comfortable and smooth, so it makes his gallop fun. Also Pilsbury jumps so awesome that it does not even feel like we are jumping!
2. In one sentence, what is your favorite thing about foxhunting?
Answer: My favorite thing about foxhunting is galloping, because it feels like I am flying - also, I love to hear the sound of the hounds.
Madeline, center right, out with Farmington last Thanksgiving.
3. Getting up early to go hunting: Jump out of bed excited, or roll over for five more minutes?
Answer: I love getting out of bed to go foxhunting!! I hop out of bed ready to get on!! I ride in first and second flight and I stay out the whole time.
As we prepare this story, Madeline's mom reports that her brother, Matthew, is planning to get out hilltopping before the season ends. Covertside wishes all three family foxhunters many years of good sport together.
If you know a junior foxhunter who would like to share his or her story with Covertside, please email martha@covertside.net.
To learn more about Green Creek Hounds, visit their website here.
To learn more about the MFHA's special programs for children, click here.


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Love this article, keep them coming!

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