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MFHA Fairly Hunted Award recipients, Polly and Mazey, Myopia Hunt Club. Susan Decker photo.

The Masters of Foxhounds Association presents the Fairly Hunted Award to riders under age 18 who participate in at least five hunts per season. Qualified children, nominated by their Masters, receive a pin and certificate and a year's subscription to Covertside. This series profiles recipients and asks them to answer three hunt-related questions (in hunting terminology, a "leash" refers to three foxes). Polly White, 12, of Myopia Hunt (MA) is our first featured junior.

Polly has been hunting for four years and has owned her pony, Farnley Maze, since she was five years old.  Rider and pony are both twelve now, and enjoy hunter pacing, occasional horse shows, and some eventing. But foxhunting is their favorite activity! Covertside presented Polly with the following questionnaire:

1. Who is your favorite hunt horse or pony, and why?

Answer: My favorite hunting pony is my pony Mazey, he is 12 hands and a lot faster than the Masters think possible for a pony his size.

2. In one sentence, what is your favorite thing about hunting?

Answer: My favorite part of foxhunting is when we start to go fast and fly along.

3. Getting up super early to go hunting: Do you jump out of bed, or try to roll over for another five minutes?

Answer: I like getting up early in the morning because I wake up excited and that starts my day off perfectly.

Polly received the Fairly Hunted Award last season and hopes to earn it again this fall. Best wishes for good sport to Polly and Mazey! For details about this award, please click here. For general materials related to children and foxhunting, the MFHA has additional information available here.

Founded in 1882, Myopia Hunt is a drag pack with kennels located north of Boston in Hamilton, Massachusetts.

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