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According to Danny Kerr, Huntsman for Camargo Hunt, he’s had “a really fun lifetime of horses and hounds.” Before taking on what was to become his long term position at Camargo, Danny hunted hounds at Sedgefield Hunt (NC) before taking a two year break to go on the show circuit with his wife Trena. They made the move to Kentucky shortly after that, and Danny celebrated his 25th season with Camargo this year.

eCovertside: How did you become involved in hunting?

Danny: My family has always been involved in hunting; I was born on Long Island, NY and at age 4 started hunting with Smithtown, where my dad was an honorary whipper-in. My siblings all hunted, too. I also showed hunters and jumpers as a kid. I rode with Harry De Leyer and even got to ride the famous Snowman!

eCovertside: Name three things you never hunt without.

Danny: Tracking collars, radios, and my lightweight jacket. I am a little funny about my jacket. The Masters very nicely bought me a beautiful winter weight coat, but I can’t wear it because I’m not good when I get too warm!

eCovertside: What characteristics of Camargo do you most appreciate?

Danny: The people. I’ve been here 25 years and have been fortunate to work for some very, very good Masters. Not many huntsmen can say they’ve been in one spot for 25 years and that speaks to the high caliber of people here. They’re very easy to get along with; with people, you either get along with them or you don’t. I consider the hunt to be part of my extended family.

eCovertside: What is the best characteristic of the pack?

Danny: Everybody tells me they are very biddable, and I agree.

eCovertside: What makes your territory unique?

Danny: Our country is very different, as we have Ohio and Kentucky country. The Ohio country is more city-like and developed with very high class, plantation type homes. I will only hunt 13 or 14 couple when we meet there. The country near the kennels is very, very rocky and hilly and our big, main country in Kentucky is open and rolling. The pack is very versatile.

eCovertside: After 25 years, what are you goals?

Danny: I hope to retire here. We have a 100 acre farm in the middle of country where my wife runs a hunter/jumper barn. When we first bought the farm, we wondered how we were going to make this work—I’m huntsman, she runs a stable and is off showing most weekends from Friday to Sunday—but we decided we would just have to find a way to make it work. So we named the farm Find A Way Farm. We have three children—ages 28, 15 and 11— and the youngest is very into hounds and horses. Hopefully, he’ll think about taking part in it.

I’ve been to the horn blowing championships five times, but have never won. I did finish second to Ian Milne one year, though. Maybe I’ll get to go again!

eCovertside: What are your interests outside of hunting?

Danny: My children! Hunt life takes up a lot of your time and my oldest kind of got left out. The 11 year old is really into barrel racing, so while my involvement is a secondhand thing, I am a big supporter. The 15 year old is into hunting and fishing. Every spare moment I have, I try to bounce around between their interests and activities.


0 # Debbie Pace 2016-04-16 18:19
I will always cherish the wonderful joint meets with Matamora, Green Creek and all the wonderful people at Camargo Hunt. Great memories for sure!
0 # Debbie Pace 2016-04-16 17:25
Congratulations Danny!!

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