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Same Sport, Just More Horses

derek frenchDerek French with Sallie & SimonThe radio crackles.

"Hounds have split. Two or three couple are headed west. Get over to the fourth line and stop `em. We`ll never get `em back out of that huge swamp.” I fumble for the radio that my two Jack Russells have knocked to the ground.

"I`m on my way. Ten four," I reply.

I jump onto my trusty steed and roar off at a full gallop. All 180 horses bursting with power send the gravel flying. Too late, I see first the coyote and then two couple headed west over the fourth into the swamp. I jump off my mount and run yelling, "Get on back" and, "Leave it" while attempting to crack my whip. Try as I might I have never been able to produce a really authoritative crack. Fortunately there`s no one to hear my feeble attempt over here on the fourth Line.

One Hundred Marvelous Years of Cheshire

cheshire 1 smallFounded in 1912 in Pennsylvania, Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds entered their Centennial year this season. Mr. Stewart, a Philadelphia banker, set out to find the perfect hunting country, and settled on the rolling hills, rich pasture land and extensive woods around Unionville. As one of what in modern terms could be classed as a committed practical conservationist and environmentalist, he purchased thousands of acres of land, and before he sold on the farms he amended the deeds to restrict development and nurture conservancy, clean water and habitat that today consists of 30 square miles and 26,000 acres free from ribbon residential and commercial development that has allowed the sport of foxhunting and steeplechase racing to thrive.

The Huntsman's Pocket

Glenmore HuntGlenmore Hunt photo‘Tis not often one is blessed to hear the music of the hounds in full cry, in hot pursuit of the elusive quarry. However, this Tuesday past all who were fortunate to be present, were able to experience such a wonder.

It was my fortune to be tapped by the huntsman to ride in his pocket. To be given the pleasure of being up front, to watch the workings of the bond he has with the hounds. Seeing him dismount, trudge through the briars and underbrush, giving them the encouragement to carry on and to push them in pursuit of the quarry through such dense growth.

Western Packs Rendezvous in the Rockies

 ZMB9655-1 3

Photo by Zina Balash

Arapahoe Hunt’s November 2012 Rendezvous Week featured five days of fast-paced hunting on the rolling hills of the high-desert plateau just outside of Denver, Colorado.  The Arapahoe’s country is wide-open except for two river bottoms which hold cottonwoods, and a plethora of ravines ranging from the mild to the mildly terrifying, if taken at speed.  Similarly, the quarry—coyote—enjoys putting in fast paced runs, which adds to the thrill of the chase, especially with the possibility of snow in the mid-November Mile High City.

Hunters and hounds from Juan Tomas (NM) and the Grand Canyon Hunt (AZ) gathered outside of Denver, Colorado to partake in the long and blistering runs for which this country is so famous. 

Scarteen Black and Tans' Chris Ryan Returns to Kentucky for Another Outstanding Clinic

Chris Ryan_2012For the second year, Chris Ryan, MFH of the Scarteen Black and Tans in Ireland crossed the Atlantic to impart some of his knowledge to the participants of the Woodford Hounds-sponsored clinic held over the three days of the Labor Day weekend at the Woodford kennels in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. There were divisions for the open horse and rider as well as for green horses and for hilltoppers. Chris has been Master of the Black and Tans since 1987 and the hounds have been in the trusted care of the Ryan family for over 350 years.

Chris & Woodford member Justin Sautter


World Leaders in Mounted Hunting Enjoy Good Sport in America

A Day with the Golden’s Bridge Hounds (Part 1. Part 2 appears in the winter issue of Covertside)

Each year representatives from the hunting elite of America, Europe and Australasia meet up to discuss issues, problems and developments that affect our sport and to learn from each other what new legislation, disease or animal rights initiative threatens our freedom to hunt with hounds. Each country benefits from the sharing of knowledge. Where possible, we take a little time off from reporting and debating, to experience at first hand the cultural and other values that both define and unite us globally in mounted hunting. In September 2012, it was America’s turn to host meetings of the International Union of Hunting with Hounds (IUHH) and delegates from Belgium, Canada, England, France, Ireland and New Zealand congregated in Leesburg, VA to take part. Australia did not send a delegate this year, but did provide a report and several written submissions.

The New Zealand delegation, having furthest to travel and the most extreme jetlag to contend with, were first to arrive in America and having availed of the opportunity to spend a couple of days in the “Big Apple” were able to get an extra day's hunting at the invitation of The Golden’s Bridge Hunt in New York State.

The meet was at Windswept Farm, the home of Senior Master Gene Colley and his wife Lois. When we arrived at 6:15am on Tuesday September 25th there was a nip in the air with the temperature hovering around 40 degrees, but our thoughtful host was standing by with hot coffee laced with Jameson Whiskey. The cold abated and the first shard of light broke in the eastern sky. Our Kiwi visitors were matched up with quality horses from the Colley stables.


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