Whiskey Road Foxhounds' Hunt Week Highlights

What keeps foxhunters marking their calendars for the first week in February year after year? Whiskey Road Foxhounds’ Hunt Week!

Located in Aiken, South Carolina, WRFH’s Hunt Week boasts some of the finest hunting in the area, with a variety of fixtures and lots of parties.

While many other southern clubs have caught the hunt week fever, somehow, Whiskey Road’s version has stood the test of time, and with good reason.

Top Ten List: Things to Know Before Marrying a Foxhunter

It's Valentine's Day weekend, and perhaps quite a few gents have an unopened diamond ring in their pockets, waiting for just the right moment to propose to the sporting ladies in their lives. But wait - before you get down on one knee and ask that question, be sure you've studed this cautionary list, featuring the wit and wisdom of Epp Wilson, MFH Belle Meade Hunt (GA).

Number 10: After a hunt, your darling will exude a variety of scents and aromas - none of them pleasant.

Tejon Hounds Hunt Week in California

At the end of January, Tejon Hounds (CA) hosted an action-packed week of hunting (various quarry, with various packs, and various types of hounds), fine dining, shopping, and simply enjoying their spectacular open country.

Visiting clubs Red Rock Hounds (NV), Santa Fe West Hills Hunt (CA), Santa Ynez Valley Hounds (CA), Grand Canyon Hounds (AZ) all brought hounds to participate.

Side Saddles in Aiken

As much of the Mid-Atlantic waited out snowy and muddy footing, the temperate setting of Aiken, South Carolina, hosted a week of myriad activities for side saddle enthusiasts. Aiken Ladies Aside was established by Betty Alexander and now boasts members from many states and Canada. The organization presented its second annual Winter Week Aside, with hunting, showing, learning, and of course, socializing on the schedule.

Boxing Day and New Year's Day Gallery

Nick Bridges Photography.

Many clubs enjoy particularly large fields and special turnout for their Boxing Day and New Year's Day meets. From the formal to the funny, from decorous to decorated, here is a gallery of images capturing the height of the hunt season across our continent.

Cloudline's "Hounds 4 Hilltoppers" Meets Provide Friendly Introduction to the Field

There is a smile under the muffler! Susan Gentry photo.

The brainchild of MFH and huntsman Susan Gentry, Cloudline Hounds (TX) hosts special monthly hunt meets specifically for newcomers and those who need extra guidance out in the field. Dubbed "Hounds 4 Hilltoppers," the supervised, steady-paced day gives riders who are very new or simply prefer a little extra attention the opportunity to experience the thrill and pageantry of following hounds. Last weekend, even temperatures in the mid-20's (with gusty winds) didn't deter a hardy group from coming out.

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