Tri-Meet Brings Together Packs from Three States

On the frigid and blustery weekend of December 10-11, 2016, Bridlespur Hunt (MO) hosted a tri-meet with Mells Foxhounds (TN) and Mill Creek Hunt (IL). Mill Creek and Bridlespur have enjoyed an annual joint meet, and this year expanded to include Mells. Masters Keith Gray, Mill Creek and Gene Deutsch, Bridlespur, as well as professional huntsmen Brenda Yost of Mill Creek and Eleanor Hartwell of Bridlespur have worked hard over the last decade to cultivate a close relationship between their hunts.

A War Horse in the Briar Patch

Would you believe a tale of a New Year’s Eve joint meet (also the author’s wedding anniversary) that involved an unplanned dismount into a thorn bush, an ex-racehorse “going to ground” twice (not in a good way), a coyote, a deer, and a riderless horse running together, and a mysterious mechanical breakdown on the way home? Read on to hear about Elizabeth Hall’s auspicious 2016 finale.

The Fords Keep it All in the Family at Deep Run's Opening Meet

Foxhunting can be a wonderful family activity. While hunt meets often feature two or three generations and several members out together, Deep Run Hunt (VA) has an especially large band, the Fords. Seven Fords were mounted at Opening Meet last month, reflecting their relatively recent embrace of riding and sporting life. The family moved to Goochland County in 2014 and quickly got involved with horses.

North Hills Juniors Ride to Beagles and Hounds

Photo by Larry Stava.

Most foxhunters are eager to share ideas about how to promote children's participation in our sport. To encourage their young riders, North Hills Hunt (IA) recently coordinated a Junior Weekend, featuring a fun twist - on the first day, smaller and less-experienced children were invited to follow their beagle pack on horseback. The second day saw a more traditional meet behind the foxhounds, with both fixtures providing beautiful views of open plains.

Photo Gallery: Visit Opening Meets and Blessings Across the Continent

Rose Tree-Blue Mountain Hounds. Photo by Sean Cully, MFH.

The mornings are cooler, huntsmen have sharpened up young entry and riders pull out their scarlet and black coats. From Canada to Georgia, formal hunt season is underway. Many hunts included the traditional Blessing of the Hounds observance at the start of the season, a tradition dating back centuries, and echoing the request for protection and good fortune from St. Hubert, patron saint of hunters. Enjoy this gallery of timeless images from eight different packs.

Kennel Tours Educate PDP Students

Last month, we shared Part One of a report by Woodbrook Hunt Club Huntsman, Jennifer Hansen, about her experience as an apprentice judge at the Virginia Foxhound Show. Along with MFHA Professional Staff Development Program participants and program co-coordinator, Andrew Barclay, she spent the days after the show touring kennels at Warrenton, Old Dominion, Blue Ridge, and Piedmont. She shared the following observations from that portion of her educational weekend:

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