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Hound Show Cancellations

All 2020 Hound Shows have been canceled.

A Message from MFHA President Tony Leahy, MFH

It's Valentine's Day weekend, and perhaps quite a few gents have an unopened diamond ring in their pockets, waiting for just the right moment to propose to the sporting ladies in their lives. But wait - before you get down on one knee and ask that question, be sure you've studed this cautionary list, featuring the wit and wisdom of Epp Wilson, MFH Belle Meade Hunt (GA).

Number 10: After a hunt, your darling will exude a variety of scents and aromas - none of them pleasant.

Number 9: "Baby, I'm going to check on the horses for a few minutes," really means: "Adios, see you in three or four hours."

Number 8: You will be responsible for hosting at least one delicious hunt club dinner each year. You will be required to act interested in the hunt. And as if you really gave a damn...

Number 7: Remember, one of the most important parts of the wedding vows includes the PROMISE to CHEERFULLY help clean tack and polish boots - in sickness and in health.

Number 6: Horses and hounds will always get better medical care than you do ... and a lot more sympathy.

Number 5: The stall isn't the only one full of manure.

Number 4: From September until March, you will never again go out on a Wednesday or a Saturday night [adjust as appropriate for your club's fixture card]. Three words: Get Over It.

Number 3: If you see your sweetheart fondling the rear of another foxhunter, don't worry. They are only giving them "a leg up."

Number 2: Before you say, "It's either me or the hunt!" - have your bags packed.

Number 1: Despite all I have just said, you will find that foxhunters are the most interesting, most passionate, and most friendly people on the planet.

So whether it is for a lifetime - a year - a month - or even just a day, whenever you get the chance, LOVE A FOXHUNTER!

Written for the suitor of a Belle Meade member, this list was shared at the MFHA's Annual Meeting ten years ago. Many thanks to Epp for agreeing to let us reproduce it here.

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