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S Creek Hunt Report OctKatie Hayes photoFor those of you interested in stats (you know who you are) we are at 75% of hunts with runs so far! That is an amazing accomplishment considering that most of our hunt country is under water. This stat includes today's longest run of the season- 65 minutes!

After casting in the northern part of the property, the hounds were near the gates in the middle of Wyndfields when they took off full cry running from covert to covert headed southeast. They then made a turn to the west and made a big circle all the way to the Smith Road gate, circling north through the palmettos, and back through the middle gate where the pack split for a time.

The pink line on the map shows where the main pack circled back through Linville's and on to Wynfields where the pack got back together and ran all the way to the power lines at the north end where staff stopped the pack. After gathering for a few minutes, we were "all on" but 3 hounds and we had both puppies! True did very well on his first hunt and Trident continues to do well. We had all hounds in shortly after the hunt.

The ride for Sarah was 11.4 miles, and 7.6 miles of that was on the run. She stayed with the second pack and missed the trip back onto Linville's the second time, or her run would have been even longer. The green/orange line shown is Roulette who travelled 10.4 miles - 6.6 of that was during the run. He also was in the second pack taking the shorter track.

Tally Ho!!




0 # Penelope Miller 2013-11-19 18:27
Oh, I miss you guys so much - sounds like an awesome time!!
0 # Vicki Reeves 2013-10-21 16:58
Well written, Dana! South Creek Foxhounds have a fabulous Huntsman and Staff! What a great season we are having! Tally Ho is right!

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