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Last summer, Covertside Online reported on the Monmouth County Hunt (NJ) encouraging young riders to get out of the ring and into the hunt field. Our huntsman and whippers-in did a demonstration at Wow Camp for New Jersey Pony Clubs at the Horse Park of New Jersey. This event educated the young riders about hunting traditions, but also created enthusiasm to join us this season.


Monmouth County welcomed a large group of juniors in November. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Donaldson.

I wanted to let you know how successful the Monmouth County Hunt’s Junior Day was last month in Upper Freehold, NJ. We had juniors from all over the state come out and try foxhunting - many for the first time. Despite extremely heavy rain the night before and many rider cancellations, we still had two very full fields and a great time.


Many riders were making their debut in the hunt field at the junior meet. Photo courtesy of AJ Solomon.

Huntsman Meg Valnoski, MFH, and the hounds did an excellent job. The kids got to experience a very exciting day of foxhunting and all left with smiles on their faces. We had a wonderful breakfast following the day’s hunt, very generously organized by Cathy Brogan, Regional Supervisor of the NJ Region Pony Clubs and the parents. A great day truly was had by all. 

Monmouth Valley looks forward to continuing to welcome young riders at our clinics and regular meets.


+1 # Aj 2018-12-22 13:26
It was a very nice day out. The 2nd photo is courtesy of myself, A.J. Solomon.
0 # Martha D 2018-12-23 20:23
Thank you AJ, I will edit that now!

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