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The Opening Meet for Tennessee Valley Hunt was at the end of October, and what fun we had! We were again at our fixture up in Greeneville, TN. However, this year Gretchen let the kids come and ride on Opening Meet. And she didn’t ride me! Yipeeee!!! [Gretchen’s Note: Dial down the glee, Ziggy-Poo, or I cancel your Netflix account.] So my three girls and That Woman started the day before to get us ponies spic and span for the day. One of the girls, Olivia, clipped me for the big day. Unfortunately she thinks I am a billboard and clipped “tattoos” onto both of my hips. It’s fortunate that she has that birth defect of being born too tall to ride me, because I would love to dump her in the river for all the crazy and undignified things she has done to my coat. [Gretchen’s Note: Quit your grousing. You looked adorable!]

I don’t want to look adorable, Wench. I want to look magnificent!



On the big day, we started off with speeches and then hacked over to the Big Valley Farm. Gretchen had us in the back of Hilltoppers. It’s a long hack through the woods to get to the open, rolling hills of Big Valley. Along the way the pack hit on a coyote and was off! Much to my ire, we were too far back to see anything due to that incompetent woman. The girls could have kept up in First Flight! [Gretchen’s Note: Calm down, fuzzy brains. I will not take them First Flight until they are ready.   So chill… and brush your teeth. Ug.]

We came out of the woods and started to make our way through a gate when we heard a whipper-in call a view! The coyote passed just behind us! But the girls missed him, as he was just out of sight. Hilltoppers were making their way to the Tally Ho Wagons set up high on a lovely mowed hill. The coyote then circled back and ran right in front of the wagons, Hilltoppers and the Walk-Trot Field. Again my girls didn’t see it as we were the gate crew at the bottom of the hill. I know the girls need to get used to gate duty, but I hate not catching the views. Somehow it’s the Wench’s fault. [Gretchen’s Note: I’m ignoring you.]

But no matter, we had a fun time at the break. I told lots of stories about awesome hunts in the past. Like the time the pack was after a mountain lion! And I was the huntsman’s horse; that was a great hunt. I had the whole Tally Ho Wagon engrossed in my stories. Most of the people in the Tally Ho Wagon were either landowners or guests of riders, so there were quite impressed with what our pack of Penn-Marydels can do! [Gretchen’s Note: One of my non-horsey friends in the Tally Ho Wagon asked if your tail crupper was a thong. LOL! I didn’t correct her either, oh Mr. Pony Thong. This might be my new favorite name for you, better even than The Tazed Poodle.]

How dare you tell her that about my crupper! I am far too manly to wear a thong, I’ll have you know. [Gretchen’s Note: Well, those guys in the movie “Magic Mike” wear thongs, and they are quite manly. However, they are also tall and muscular while you are just short. And squishy.]

Squishy? Squishy!   I’ll have you know that I am magnificent!

Respectfully Submitted,

Ziggy Pelham, the Magnificent Hunt Horse for TVH



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