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Gretchen has separated me from the Kid. She accused me of encouraging him to escape from the field. As if I would ever give out my secret way in and out to a blabber mouth like him. He was so cocky when he got out, but panicked when he couldn’t get back in. I did warn him to only use a way out when you’re sure how to get back in. I then left him out there begging for my secret path. But That Woman didn’t believe me. 

[Gretchen’s Note: Don’t feed me that con, fatty. I know you stood there and egged him on to jump the fence but then freaked him out about jumping back in. You’re supposed to be mentoring him, not get him sold as an incurable delinquent!]

Ziggy's "The View from Down Here"

I guess she felt a little guilty about falsely accusing me, so she took me on a hound walk yesterday. As soon as the hounds came out of the kennels, they all ran up to me so excited!! You see, they saw the Tennessee Valley Hunt’s huntsman’s horse standing out there and thought they were going on a hunt! I hated to tell them that it was too hot and we were just walking out. The yearling puppies were all agog to see me there. They must have heard all about me from the rest of the pack. [Gretchen’s Note: They were amazed to see such a fat hound, ZigMan. They didn’t know you were an equine at first!]

I swear I’m gonna dump That Woman in the river next chance I get.

Anyway, if I may continue without such rude interruptions, as soon as we started walking out those puppies left the kennelman, Kelly Masengill, to run alongside me. Gretchen gently swished her whip around my tail and told them they couldn’t swarm me like the paparazzi – she said for them to get back behind Kelly. She is so rude sometimes. What harm would a little star-gazing do to the puppies?

Maxim and Musket, two of the really big, male puppies, kept hollering questions at me while they bounced around. They wanted to know if they would get to hunt with me when they are entered. They said it would be so cool if they could start their first year with the most famous and best Huntsman’s Horse that the hunt has ever had. I just smiled back at them and murmured, “If you’re lucky!” [Gretchen’s Note: Oh, please – I think I’d rather be in the river than listen to this! Now you know why I “accidently” got the whip’s lash wrapped around your front legs that tripped you up!]

So we walked along the Holston River’s bank to the big tree where Kelly likes to stop to and give cookies to all the hounds. The hounds were all milling around, waiting for their name to be called for a cookie, when I noticed another one of the puppies edging closer to me. Maple was being very shy, so I told her if she wanted to ask me something I wouldn’t mind. I put my head way down to her level so she wouldn’t feel so intimidated by my height.  [Gretchen’s Note: LOL!  You dropped your head “way down to her level”?  Just how far was that – a whole inch?]

Grrrrrr – I think tonight I’m gonna teach the Kid how to cow kick.

Maple asked, “Can I just come up and sniff you? I swear I’ll never wash my nose again!” How could I refuse such a sweet request? After that she wouldn’t leave me, even when Kelly called her name. I had to tell her to go get her cookie. I didn’t want her to miss out on cookies. I think I’ll keep an eye out for that pup. She is so smart; she’s destined for Hound of the Year!

Respectfully submitted,

Ziggy Pelham, Tennessee Valley’s most famous Huntsman’s Horse

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