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You get up at the break of dawn to do what you love — spend precious hours in the saddle — no matter what the weather is. We at Outback Trading Company share your love of the sport and understand your passion for the outdoors. Many Outback employees live the same lifestyle; our products are designed by equestrians thriving to create better products to be able to enjoy hunting in any weather.


Outback Trading Company is well known for the Oilskin Duster, our flagship product and top seller to this day. Style, fit, and functionality are key elements that go into the design of each duster, jacket, or vest. We must be certain that each and every element is just right before it is branded with the Outback Trading Logo.

Our Pak-a-Roo Duster is the lightweight carbon copy of the Oilskin Duster. In addition to being super light, it is super easy to take care of; just wash in the machine and tumble dry low. For those who like to outfit themselves with a colorful, waterproof influence, the Pak-a-Roo Duster is just what the doctor ordered. Pak-a-Roo Duster features include: riders’ gussets, waterproof adjustable cuffs, functional leg straps, an adjustable hood to cover your riding helmet. Anyone who has ridden a horse with a wrinkle at their calf knows just how important seamless is. All Outback Duster’s leg straps are dual snap adjustable and the snaps are at the jacket seam far from the leg! The Duster’s are offered in sizes XS-XXXL. We have graded the size of the leg strap, adding length from the XL size to the XXXL. This is yet another example where extra steps have been taken to make Outback's waterproof products quality outerwear that are time tested and wearer approved.

Though Outback has been in business since 1983, the last few years have been the most exciting. The most recent addition is a new Oilskin fabric called Marshal Cloth. It is a 65% Polyester 35% Cotton blend, which is different from the 100% Cotton Oilskin that is our standard. We have raised the bar with this new cloth. It is more waterproof, has a silkier appearance, allowing it to drape better. We are using this fabric in many of our ladies styles. Fun colored Marshal Cloth designed in new styles is just a taste of what the future holds for the Oilskin line from Outback Trading Company. To keep up with all our current events, visit our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram: @outbacktradingco

About Outback Trading Company:

Outback Trading Company is a worldwide supplier of all-weather outdoor apparel. Established in 1983, Outback Trading Company is well known for producing durable and rugged high performance apparel. We have been committed to producing hard-wearing comfortable clothes for working lifestyles, as well as, functional fashion apparel. Outback Trading Company has a style and fit for everyone. For more information, visit www.outbacktrading.com or find us on Facebook or Instagram.

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