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horse drinking from Ritchie waterer

2011 proved to be very dry, creating drought situations in large portions of the United States.  The outlook for 2012 looks to be just as dry.  While having a large stock tank may seem to be enough to keep your animal hydrated during this time, having an insulated automatic waterer has many benefits.

Reducing Evaporation

Automatic waterers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.  However, covered units such as the Ritchie Thrifty King and EcoFount series, help reduce evaporation by providing insulated closures or floating discs.  The waterer is not exposed to the sun, maintaining a colder water temperature and reducing the amount of water that is evaporated.  The closures also act as a deterrent for algae growth.

Less Water Waste

Fast refill valves provide an adequate amount of water for large herds in small capacity water troughs.  For instance, a Ritchie WaterMatic 100 has a water capacity of 2.8 gallons yet is rated to water 20 head of cattle or horses.  The low capacity trough with rapid refill valves means less water waste when cleaning and refilling the trough.

How many times have you become side tracked while waiting for your stock tank to fill, only to return to find that the water has run over and created a mess?

  Automatic waterers turn on and off by themselves.  No need to drag a hose and wait for the large tank to fill.

Prevent Dehydration

With a constant supply of fresh, clean and cooler water, your animals will be encouraged to drink more, reducing the chances of dehydration.  The low capacity waterers are also easy to clean, reducing stale, stagnant and dirty water.

Other Benefits

Automatic waterers offer many other benefits to both the end user and the animal.  Fully insulated low capacity waterers have become extremely energy efficient.  A waterer that can manage up to 40 head will cost an average of $30 a year to heat.  Due to their energy efficiency, electric companies and government programs encourage automatic waterers by offering rebate and discount programs for installation.

The low capacity waterers can be cleaned in minutes as opposed to dumping and filling large stock tanks.  Your animals will prefer the cleaner water over the standing water in the stock tank.

Automatic waterers are designed with your animals’ safety in mind.  Ritchie waterers feature smooth rounded corners and have met CSA and CE requirements.

For more information on energy efficient, easy to clean waterers, please visit www.RitchieFount.com.

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