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Flask contestTipsy, crocked, plastered, sloshed, tanked, three sheets to the wind; whatever narrative satisfies you, for fear of rendering ourselves as previously described, we sadly were not able to taste test every recipe submitted to the Covertside flask contest (2013 Winter issue). However, just because our livers can't handle it doesn't mean our readers should miss out. We would not want to rob anyone of the opportunity to wow their fellow hunters with their skills in mixology, a science of utmost cultural and practical importance whilst hunting. 

There are recipes to suit every taste, and if we all band together, every single one can be sampled. Every. Single. One.

Rhubarb Brandy

1/2 gal. (8 C.) cut up rhubarb
4 C. sugar
1/2 gal. vodka
Stir all together until sugar dissolves. Let sit for 90 days, stirring or shaking weekly.

Strain pulp until liquid runs clear then enjoy!

It is suggested that you do not use a pewter flask for this, as they tend to change the taste a bit. When passed at a check, be prepared for an enthusuastic reception!

Sally Barnes, Dallastown, PA


Varying Weather Conditions

Single malt Irish Whiskey, (not Scotch) mixed with Ginger Wine, (made by Stone’s in England).

If it is warm out – use more Ginger Wine, (cuts the dry Colorado dust); if cold – more Whiskey, (combats the Colorado winter cold). Original idea came from either The Warwickshire, or the Percy, Hunt in England.

Anne Youngland, Colorado


Mudder's Milk

South Carolina was the only state to vote agains the repeal of prohibition, but we won't hold a grudge!

Equal amounts of Vodka, Bailey's Irish Cream, Kahlua, and Amaretto. 

Susan K. Timmerman, Aiken, South Carolina



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