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Hound Judging 1 Spring 12Karen Monroe photoThe day is to be keen, I feel.
Don't keep me in this kennel seal.
My dream awakened by the real.
Let me to the hill!

He was here! I surely saw him! He was smiling as he stood!
My dream required me to go even deeper into the wood.
It was ME! I was the One! who tracked the pungent scent.
I strained to see him as I ran, tongueing, yet still bent.

Another hill? All right. I still have more than I have given.
To be so close, to grasp his hide, to shake his red coat riven!

What's this? A wall? All right. I have been slipped and quizzed before.
Keep steady, now, just pick and work down to the valley floor.

I'm being praised! It was My voice first heard among the chorus!
Hark me on! I'll take you there! A legend waiting for us!

He's tiring now-- it won't be long, I'm taking breath from him.
Consuming thoughts of teeth on flesh, and steam from straining limb.

What's this I see? All right, with Me. The rocky water's wide.
And, now, the cooling current takes away my labored stride.

But, where's the spot where I must leave? The banks are all for picking!
I feel my heart race faster, first with hope, the doubt, then sicken.

I've let him down, my Huntsman True. I'm sorry in my hide.
A game One, He, a game Hound, Me, and a game Fox that we tried.

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