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It’s a beautiful morning out here in the hood

After hunting for mice that tasted so good.

There’s a quiet in the wood that’s callin’ for a nap

So shut yo face and don’t gimme no crap.

Hey who’s the sucka that’s blowin’ that horn

Destroying the quiet of this peaceful morn

And makin’ my blood boil hot with scorn?

I’ll make him wish he never was born.

And now there’s a stench that smells like dog

Smells so bad I’d swear it was a hog.

I gotta move along and find a better place

Without a trace of the stink in this space

And just in case those dogs wanna race.

Now what’s this crap– they startin’ to howl.

I’m pretty damn sure they don’t want me as a pal

If they think they can scare me, I’ll give ‘em a run

And show them how us foxes have  fun.

A run through the woods to give ‘em my scent

Then a quick left turn to wonder where I went.

Then a trot down the hill to walk through the creek

Done got ‘em so tongue tied they can’t even speak

So, I run in the open to give them a thrill

And then back track so someone yells “hounds running heel”

I love the confusion that leads to contusion

So I sit and rest much to my amusing.

But somehow they’ve recovered and seem to have discovered

In spite of my perfection, the path to my direction.

I squeeze through the fence where the wire has been cut

But not cut enough for a big dog butt.

As I circle behind to run in a loop,

That first hound leaves the wire and jumps over a coop.

I might have underestimated the degree of their drive

So my goal now is to get out of here alive.

I made sure my afterburners were all the way on

Made a few jukes and was totally gone.

And jaunted through the swamp to coat my feet with muck

Just  hopin’ for some luck that I wouldn’t get stuck.

Raced out the other side and stopped to take a rest

When I heard those stupid dogs livin’ up to the test

And me doin’ my best to not have cardiac arrest.

So then I made up my mind that I was in a bind

Of the worst kind with them dogs so close behind.

In order to quiet that damn hound sound,

With a final burst of speed, ‘dis fox has gone to ground.

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