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Hound Show Cancellations

All 2020 Hound Shows have been canceled.

A Message from MFHA President Tony Leahy, MFH

A History of the English Foxhound

edward IIEdward II, the Duke of York wrote in his book “The Master of the Game”, when he was in jail following the defeat of Agincourt:

“The hound is a creature of reasoning and the best of all divine creatures.”

In 1937, Sir John Buchanan-Jardine published the book “Hounds of the World” which still constitutes the best study of the French origins of the Foxhound.

Before hunting the fox, England used to hunt hare and stag in the traditional French style, but with two different types of hound:

The first type was the Southern Hound which was mainly black and white with blue mottle and four eyes (meaning prominently marked round eyebrows above its eyes), and the origin comes back effectively to the gift of Gascon hounds from Henry IV of France to James I of England at the beginning of the 17th Century. Gascon hounds were slow of pace, with an excellent nose and had a passion for hunting hare. The descendants of this breed can still be found in kennels such as the Duke of Beaufort’s at Badminton in Gloucestershire.

Dirt Road Anthem

hunt scene in field“Load the truck up, hit the dirt road, jump the barbed wire, spread the word,” sings Jason Aldean, who just happens to be Chris Piro’s favorite country artist. Piro, Monmouth County’s 26 year old First Whipper In and Kennelsman, is a Dodge drivin’ man who hails from Farmington, New Mexico.

He gladly took a few minutes to chat with e-Covertside.

The World Salutes “Colonel”

English Foxhound photoChampion of Champions! English Foxhound Colonel

For the Baron von Pfetten’s Hunt, or Equipage de Selore in Burgundy, France, 2011 has been an incredibly exciting year of firsts, not only for English Foxhound ”Colonel’s” home pack, but for the Foxhunting fraternity overall, as it has placed the actual breed of Foxhound unequivocally on the international map.

The year 2011 represents the Centenary of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale* (FCI). Since 1971, the FCI has run annually the prestigious World Dog Show (WDS) which is held in a different location each year. This year the show was in Paris in July, and was the culmination of competition of every breed imaginable from all over the world. At this enormous event, over 200,000 dogs progressed through a myriad of qualifying rounds which led ultimately to the Championship at the World Dog Show in Paris.

Alabama Slammers Part Deux: Catching Up with Huntsman Rhodri Jones-Evans

Mooreland Hunt Huntsman Rhod Jones-Evans & Whipper in Shannon Roach

Native Welshman Rhodri Jones-Evans, or just Rhod as everyone calls him, hunts the 38 couple hounds for Mooreland Hunt near Huntsville, AL. When not hunting hounds, Rhod loves to bird hunt and work with his two pointers and English Cocker Spaniel on quail, duck and dove. He is unfortunately limited to following his other passion, rugby, on television.

e-Covertside: How did you become involved in hunting?

Rhod: When I was 12 my mother suffered from heart trouble and was spending a lot of time in the hospital. A client of my father, Raymond Vaughn, aka Chief, a retired Chief Inspector of the North Wales Police Force, took me under his wing to get me out of my father’s hair, not that he had that much left after dealing with me for twelve years. Chief was a great outdoorsman who loved nature, hunting and shooting but his passion was dogs. He had several spaniels and labs that he used for picking up birds on several local shoots and being a dog person myself he got me hooked.

At the Movies: War Horse

World War I, one of history’s deadliest conflicts, resulted in more than 35 million military and civilian casualties. Spanning the years between 1914 and 1918, the war marked a transitional period in the evolution of armed conflict with the development of modern machine guns, tanks and poison gas warfare. The system of trenches that had been developed, which were protected from assault by barbed wire, provided minimal protection. Attacks, even if successful, often caused severe casualties as a matter of course.

Surviving Tough Times: Maintaining an Active Membership in Our Roller Coaster Economy

If your hunt club’s home country is in an area where there are a limited number of potential foxhunters, competing equestrian and other athletic activities, as well as economic challenges—you may find yourself wondering how to keep your traditions alive.

Everywhere we turn, we encounter talk of decline during the current economic recession.  Jobs are lost, many are unemployed or at best under-employed, families must cut back on discretionary expenses.  Hunt clubs may be feeling the impact of all this.  Although some clubs find themselves still secure, others who are subscription packs dependent upon membership may be at risk of declining participation and financial support.

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