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Deep Run Hunt Moves Forward Following Kennel Fire

Deep Run Hunt suffered an unthinkable blow on the evening of April 8 when lightning struck the kennel building in Cumberland County, VA. As the structure became engulfed in flames, huntsman John Harrison reacted heroically, using a tractor bucket to pull down a wall and enable all but three puppies to escape. In the immediate aftermath, the foxhunting community rallied to help: hounds were taken in temporarily by Middleburg Hunt and Blue Ridge Hunt, and many people donated funds and effort to assist.

Wiggins Hounds Provide Traditional Sport in South Carolina

Wiggins Hounds was established by Master Edmund S. Twining, III, to provide mounted foxhunting in the finest British tradition in a spectacular South Carolina setting. Under the skill and dedication of huntsman Tommy Gesell, the pack was fully recognized by the MFHA in 2017, and now offers sport pursuing fox and coyote (and occasional feral hogs) from their beautiful kennels in Ehrhardt, about an hour from Charleston and Savannah, GA.

Beagles and Bassets Make Music at Aldie

Spring beagle and basset trials are underway at the National Beagle Club's Institute Farm in Aldie, VA. The historic property, a variety of woodland and open fields cultivated to maintain coverts for rabbits, will host the "Hounds f4r Heroes" Field Trials Event and Gala April 26-28. Bringing together both types of foot packs, the weekend's proceeds benefit the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center & Boulder Crest Retreat for veteran’s recovery and rehabilitation in Bluemont, VA.

Alpha and Omega - Foxhunting Together

It was rainy and cold and windy and, well, weather only a true fox hunter could embrace. When we moved off the clouds hung low, about to open at any moment in one of the many recent rain showers that our area in Tennessee has had of late. I told myself to stiffen the sinews, that this one was going to be instantly felt right to the core, but off we went, the stalwart Hillsboro Hounds Master, staff, and riders.

A Bit of Luck (and Thoughtful Choices) Strengthen the Montreal Pack

Breeding hounds is like gambling with a stacked deck. We increase our odds of winning by choosing and combining desirable traits and hoping that genetics will do the rest. Everyone who breeds with purpose has the intention of bettering their pack, whether it for drive, voice, biddability or any of the other factors which make a great hound. The unfortunate reality is that even the most favourable hand can lose when it comes to inherited genes.

The Eyes Have It: Brazos Valley's Breeding Program

Continuing our feature on how breeding plans are crafted, Brazos Valley Hounds (TX) huntsman Sandy Dixon, who has been Master for 25 years, discusses the type of hound she requires for her country and quarry. Her hounds have also achieved sustained successes at shows across the country. Dixon: There is a certain type of American hound that I prefer in my kennel. The number one priority is biddability with a kind eye.

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