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We asked our hunt members to share their stories of some of the most memorable foxhunting gifts they’ve ever received (or given!). Here’s what they said:

2020 12 featured best gifts Stock Pin

"I gave my dear sister a stock pin made from the tail of her beloved hunt horse that we lost last year. This way she can always have him with her in the field when she hunts with Wicomico Hunt Club."
~ Genevieve Macfarlane

"My second season hunting with Glenmore my girlfriend Jenner (who also was lending me the horse I rode!) surprised me at opening hunt with a leather sandwich case as an early Christmas present! Then in 2019 I got my colors at our club Christmas party!"
~ Susannah Seith Via

"One year, I got a beautiful hunt motif vase from the Fairfax Hunt. I was Hon. Secretary at the time. Another year a member gave me an antique gold stock pin. I had admired it and she just took it off and gave it to me. Ever since then I have tried to follow this idea. Just randomly giving something to someone I value."
~ Steffanie Burgevin

2020 12 featured best gifts fox painting

"My husband gave me this beautiful painting of a fox by Giles as a Christmas present."
~ Rosemarie Merle-Smith

"My husband used to keep a handwritten journal of all of the hunts; he was a whipper-in. One year for Christmas I gave him a leather notebook that was personalized with Foxhunting Journal and his name."
~ Ashley Twiggs

"One year, a family member of mine who hunts with Iroquois made me a beautiful white stock tie that I wear every special formal hunt. Another year my best friends presented me with my beagling colors and socks as honorary whipper-in. The gifts are great things, but it’s the people gifting them and the memories I have of them that make it special!"
~ Alaine Pappert

"When I first started out hunting we were young and poor, my husband got me a wonderful frock coat so I wouldn’t get cold."
~ Julie Brown Mitchell

"My amazing Purdey flask, a gift from my brother."
~ Annabel Nicol

"I had just started helping out as a whip occasionally, and my sister-in-law (our Huntsman), bought me by first whip. It’s the most special thing I’ve gotten in a really long time. Knowing that I was doing a good job and was wanted in that position."
~ Katrina Wallace

"Vogel boots!"
~ Corey Bayrun

"Best stocking stuffer for my wife was her hunt club buttons."
~ Warner Granade

"I surprised my husband with a new Black Country hunting saddle a couple of years ago. He was speechless!"
~ Carol Stanley

"On year my husband hand-made me a flask holder, the size of a small thermos. Took him the better part of a week! Best thing was when our young daughters (6 and 8 years old) started hunting, we would carry hot cocoa in it to keep them warm."
~ Mary Long

"Becoming honorary whippers in! Plus, the shopping spree of a lifetime with my husband at Horse Country in Warrenton, Virginia. Scarlet coats, hunt buttons, brown tops. Enjoyed the Middleburg Hound Parade the next day in Dec 2002!"
~ Jane Jacobs

"A few years ago, my daughter gave me a wonderful large stone fox statuary for the garden I was creating. I opened the door and she was carrying the huge heavy fox screaming, 'Open the back door, and get out of the wayyyyyy!!'"
~ Karen Anderson Harper

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