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This month’s featured hound is CKH Hero from Cedar Knob Hounds, based in Franklin, Tennessee. We caught up with CKH’s Huntsman, Clare Marie Pinney, to learn more about this hard-working Penn-Marydel hound. Pinney has hunted the CKH for three seasons, after previously serving as whipper-in for Albert Menefee III, who founded the pack.

“My grandfather, Bill Pinney, was huntsman of the South Wild Hunt in England, and my father Tim Pinney was a whipper-in at the Fife in Scotland, so you can say I was born into hunt service,” says Pinney. “Hunting is what I live for.”

Pinney completed the MFHA Professional Development Program in 2019, and she also enjoys bringing on young Thoroughbreds for hunting and eventing.

CKH Hero Ainsley SlickerCKH Hero of Cedar Knob Hounds. Ainsley Slicker photo

  1. Which hunt is CKH Hero from? Where was he bred?
    He was bred by Doc Addis and given to Ryan Johnsey at Tennessee Valley Hunt, along with his littermate Heartless. Ryan kept Heartless and gave us Hero. (Although we just got Heartless a few weeks ago, too!)

  2. What can you tell me about his bloodlines?
    He is by Addis Wilbur ’11 out of Addis’ Hershey ’13. Wilbur is by a Claude Sutton dog named Hannum ’08 out of an Addis Bitch named Wishful. Hershey is descended from the Kimberton and Longreen lines through Justin ’10 (Kimberton) and Yahtzee ’06. We had a brother to Hannum named Hitchcock whom we thought a lot of, and Susan Walker loves the Yahtzee line, so the genetics were there.

  3. What makes him a suitable hound for your hunt's territory?
    He has good feet, a lovely shoulder, and good hindquarters. A hound has to have good conformation to last in our country.

  4. What makes him a good hunting hound?
    He never gives up. He has tremendous try.

    CKH Hero Courtesy of Claire Marie PinneyCKH Hero (pictured left, looking away) out hunting with the Cedar Knob Hounds and Huntsman Clare Marie Pinney. Photo courtesy Cedar Knob Hounds.

  5. Can you tell me about his showing history?
    He won the Kimberton Hound Show stallion class in 2018. He was fourth at the Virginia Hound Show in 2019 in the stallion class, and the stallion hound with get class with his sons Timber and Ticket.

  6. Do you know what the judges said about him — why they liked him so much?
    He has good conformation and a great way of going. He is also a ham and shows well. He loves an audience!

  7. Does he tend to stamp his puppies with a certain quality? You mentioned he's had two litters.
    His puppies are workmanlike and easy to handle. They have his temperament. The entered hounds have shown good drive and tremendous nose and voice.

  8. What's his personality like?
    He is the biggest ham on the planet. He loves people. He’s very workmanlike and enjoys hunting tremendously. He’s a trusting and loving hound. He also can jump for a biscuit with style!

  9. Does he have a specific hunting style?
    He always draws well. If someone else finds he will be over in a flash to check out the find. If he opens­it’s a good line!

  10. You've mentioned in a previous Covertside article that the voices are what hold the Penn-Marydel hounds together. Do you find that Hero is a good example of this?
    Hero has a deep booming voice. He stamps his pups with this. Both dogs and bitches sound like him. I have a hard time telling him and his sons Timber and Ticket apart on a run.Want to learn more about Penn-Marydels? Check out “Penn-Marydels Demystified” in the Summer 2015 issue of Covertside or “Southern Migration” in the Winter 2018 issue. 

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