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On a ride at Gilley Creek 
The Master’s horse dropped in a freak.
The rider stepped off on level ground
The horse’s hind-end was not to be found.

From the far side of the ravine
The staff could see quite the scene
Dangling horse legs in mid-air
Causing a gasp and many a care. 

What to do? Was the cry
The horse will have to try.
Try he did and disappeared
His efforts caused a drop
And in the creek below a stop.

The horse stood bewildered in the bed
The Master scrambled down his face quite red
The field observed that all was fine
Tipped their flasks and the day was divine.

march 2020 ware hole Stuck in a Hole M.L. Gallagher PhotoStuck in a hole. M.L. Gallagher Photo

march 2020 ware hole Escaping the Hole M.L. Gallagher PhotoEscaping the Hole, M.L. Gallagher Photo


+1 # Anita Zander 2020-03-18 17:16
Was the horse ok? How did he get out? So scary looking!

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