On November 11, Green Spring Valley Hounds celebrated their 125th Opening Meet with a fantastic day in the field, followed by an entertaining party. Hounds moved off with huntsman Ashley Hubbard from their kennels in Glyndon, Maryland, before a large crowd of spectators from the local community. The celebration that evening included a musical performance by a number of gentlemen, a.k.a. "the Dog Pack," appropriately attired to sing a customized version of "YMCA" by the Village People. The new lyrics played on the letters "GSVH" and saluted the Masters and staff, among others.


Huntsman Ashley Hubbard and family. Karen Kandra Wenzel photo.


A large field of riders assembled before many local spectators. Karen Kandra Wenzel photo.


Legendary hunt photographer Douglas Lees. Karen Kandra Wenzel photo.


Hounds move off with huntsman Ashley Hubbard. Karen Kandra Wenzel photo.


Master Sheila Brown well over a coop. Karen Kandra Wenzel photo.

The full lyrics, reportedly delivered by gentlemen wearing bowler hats and leg garters, were the following:

People  - there's no need to feel down / There's a hunt club - of tremendous renown,

It's an old one, it's been around town / For a hundred twenty-five years

Masters - they're the cream of the crop / There's Duck Martin - he thinks like a fox

We've got Sheila - her horse never stops / And there's George and Whit and Sherlock

It's fun to hunt with the G S V H / It's fun to hunt with the G S V H

Oh the foxes they run / From Hampstead to Glyndon / It's a wonderful tradition

It's fun to hunt with the G S V H / It's fun to hunt with the G S V H

You can see the hounds hunt / You can run, you can jump / You can spend a ton of money,

On horses - 'cuz you must ride the best / On hunt clothes, 'cuz you've got to be dressed,

On hunt dues - 'cuz the hounds must be fed / We don't care that we've in the red

People really make it all work / Most are nice ones, with the occasional jerk

From the old ones, right on down to the tykes / On Facebook we get lots of likes

It's fun to hunt with the G S V H / It's fun to hunt with the G S V H

They can put on a show / And you should always go / We don't care if it's rain or snow

It's fun to hunt with the G S V H / It's fun to hunt with the G S V H

You can see all the land / So amazing and grand / When the hounds speak it's like a band

Two fields, it just had to be done / If you fall off, you were in the wrong one

If you get lost just don't take off your socks / And make sure you don't turn the fox

Ashley, he's the new kid in town / We've got Timmy, he keeps up with the hounds

We've got Klaus on the road with the truck / It's impossible to [screw] up!

It's fun to hunt with the G S V H / It's fun to hunt with the G S V H



0 # Lauren Fanning 2017-11-29 08:44
Love the photos, Karen! I'm sorry I missed the song! :lol:
0 # Karen Kandra Wenzel 2017-11-16 11:15
Martha Drum--thanks for featuring my shots....I am honored...and I was glad to capture the special day.

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