In September, the Land Trust of Virginia (LTV), a nonprofit holding easements across many hunt countries, was bestowed the 2017 Scenic Vistas and Lands Preservation Award by Scenic Virginia. The annual awards were presented at the Scenic Awards Gala Reception and Ceremony held at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond. “Our work has played a part in preserving the pastoral landscapes and vistas that nourish all of us,” commented LTV Board Chairman Chris Dematatis. “It is an honor to be recognized for our efforts and it is a tribute to the hard work of the many professionals and volunteers that have built LTV into the organization that it is today.”


Scenic Virginia Board Member David R. Kenerson, Jr., LTV Board Member James E. Rich, LTV Board Chairman Christopher C. Dematatis, LTV Executive Director Sally B. Price, and LTV Chairman's Advisory Council Member Yakir Lubowsky. Photo courtesy of the Land Trust of Virginia.

Founded in 1998, Scenic Virginia’s mission is to serve as the only conservation organization dedicated solely to the preservation, protection, and enhancement of the beauty of the Commonwealth, with a particular focus on the preservation of significant vistas and scenic lands. Scenic Virginia has annually recognized organizations and individuals committed to these goals since 2002, with emphasis on work that can be replicated in other areas of the state.

For 25 years, the Land Trust of Virginia has endeavored to protect properties statewide through the donations of conservation easements. LTV holds 154 easements in 12 counties and on 16,642 acres of land which span across numerous hunt territories, including Blue Ridge Hunt, Bull Run Hunt, Farmington Hunt, Loudoun-Fairfax Hunt, Middleburg Hunt, Orange County Hounds, Piedmont Fox Hounds, Rappahannock Hunt, and Warrenton Hunt. Their easements protect many of the farms at which packs meet, the forests, rivers, streams, historic sites and battlefields foxhunters cross, as well as the vistas and open space everyone appreciates and enjoys. Landowners remain in possession of their property and are free to sell or pass on to heirs, but the lands are protected against development in perpetuity, forever out of the reach of developers.

“In learning more about the wonderful work of Scenic Virginia, I understand why LTV was selected for this award, said LTV Executive Director Sally B. Price. “LTV’s conservation easements are conserving beautiful, scenic, open spaces. It is what we do and we are honored to have been selected.”

For additional information on conservation easements and the protection of scenic vistas in Virginia, visit and


0 # Steffanie Burgevin 2017-10-17 16:41
We need all counters to step up and support conservation efforts in their hunt country support your local land trust

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