Many hunt club-sponsored events might require a current Coggins test or a valid hunting license, but a background check? Members of Bijou Springs Hunt (CO) happily provided information needed for the latter, in order to enjoy a late summer trail ride at a unique property: the United States Air Force Academy. Huntsman Nancy Mitchell reports: "Retired Colonel John Weed, one of Bijou Spring's members, invited us to the ride the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.


Riders enjoyed spectacular scenery on the grounds of the Academy. Photo by Kelly Walsh.

"This is one of the oldest and largest equestrian facilities on an active military property in the United States. Arranging such an event is no small task, as he had to obtain security clearances for everyone who wanted to go. Colonel Weed and Master Nancy King successfully coordinated with the membership, and we were treated to a two hour ride through the back trails of the Academy.

"As we rode, we watched the academy cadets being pulled in gliders by small planes above us. Colonel Weed explained this was called 'aerodynamics and flight special training.' It was a lovely time, as the weather was cool and occasionally misty, in the beautiful mountains west of the Black Forest. We had a famous Bijou Springs Breakfast (more food than you can possibly imagine) picnic after the ride.

It was an awesome summer get together!"

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