Nearly 40 enthusiastic folks attended Smithtown Hunt's (NY) clinic at Southaven Count Park, Long Island on August 27, 2017. Weather conditions couldn’t have been more pleasant to sit under the pavilion and enjoy presentations by Angela Chewning, MFH, who briefly explained the history of hunting in general and scent hunting on Long Island, specifically. Brian Quinn, MFH explained and demonstrated the calls used by the huntsman to communicate with hounds and the field. Many participants tried their lips and lungs at blowing the horn.


Clinic attendees tried cracking the whip as Craig Boehner looks on. Photo courtesy of Cathleen A. Springer.

Craig Boehner introduced all to Korey, an American foxhound who was happy to exemplify conformation and easy going temperament. Craig also explained the uses of the hunt whip and helped folks who wanted to try their hand at cracking it. JoAnn Braxl-Sommer gave advice on etiquette in the hunt field, and at any hunt gathering which might influence the public’s opinion of foxhunters. Cathleen Springer, with the invaluable assistance of mannequin "Gaudy Gert," demonstrated the difference between proper and improper attire. Horses Milka and Ricky Martin modeled proper and improper tack.

Everyone who brought a horse was then invited to participate in a mock hunt. Led by trail blazing Craig Boehner and foxy James Immordino, who laid a trail of popcorn, “hounds” Melanie Davidson and Lainie Ligowski followed cheered on by MFH Brian Quinn’s horn.


Smithtown members played the roles of fox and hounds for the mounted portion. Photo courtesy of Cathleen A. Springer.


Afterwards, we all enjoyed a delicious luncheon provided by Smithtown Hunt. Each participant at the clinic received a free cap.

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