On April 7th, Brit Vegas' day in the hunt field had already been fun and a little bit exciting. A professional trainer who reschools off-track Thoroughbreds, she had regrouped after an unplanned dismount from her horse. One of her dearest friends had flown in to Nebraska from Colorado to ride with her and was enjoying the chase. When Vegas' boyfriend, veterinarian Adam Gengenbach, got off at a check and approached her, she didn't immediately realize just how significant the day the date was about to become.


Photo by Carine Stava.

Then he knelt down on one knee, pulled a diamond ring from his pocket, and asked her to marry him. The video of Gengenbach's proposal, and her acceptance, has since been viewed widely online (click here to view). Vegas, who whips in at North Hills Hunt (NE) described her relationship with her fiance and their mutual love of following hounds.

"Adam and I met three years ago and started dating almost immediately. I train horses off the track for a living, and we also own an equine performance horse veterinary practice together. He does the vet work, I schedule all the appointments, do the billing, and assist with appointments when needed. I knew pretty much on my first date that I wanted to marry this man, which was odd for me. I have never been the person that had to get married. I was content with life as it was.

"First order of business was to teach him to jump a horse, that came natural as he was a saddle bronc rider and bareback rider in his younger days. He had natural balance and a super positive attitude towards learning something new. I have been hunting off and on for about ten years, and Adam is in his second year. This is my second season whipping-in for North Hills.

"Aparently Adam bought this ring about a month after we started dating, and has been waiting for the right moment for a while now. He has actually had in it his pocket for a few hunts, I've heard. I am the proactive one in the relationship, he is the procrastinator so this makes full sense to me. He was waiting until the absolute last hunt of the season. It couldn't have been more perfect.


Photo by Carine Stava.

"He proposed in the sandhills of Burwell, NE, which happens to be our favorite hunt country. I was surrounded by my closest friends, horses I love and the hounds. My daughter, who is eight, was supposed to be present, but she last minute stayed home as she didn't want to miss a nature walk at school. Had I know the plans for the weekend I would have had her there, as she and her Welsh/Quarter pony also hunt. It was one of the most magical moments of my life, and I couldn't have thought of a better way. Hunting is our life, the one thing we ALWAYS make time for. That is hard to do when we own two self-employed businesses that are demanding and unpredictable as far as time goes."

The couple have set a wedding date in September. We wish Adam, Brit, and her daughter many years of good sport together.

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