Last Saturday, Budweiser '09 retired. If the Sedgefield Hunt (NC) had a hall of fame for hounds, he would be in it. He hunted for us over 350 times in his seven-plus seasons. He had voice, good looks, and a big personality. Lloyd Lyons, our old bear hunting whipper-in, appreciated him. Young Randall Wiseman won the unentered dog hound class with him at the Virginia Hound Show in 2009.

In 2015, he went back to Virginia and took the Stallion Hound class. In the years between he won lots of blue ribbons in lots of shows. He really came alive in the ring.

And he was more than handsome; for years he was our best hound. Budweiser had drive. His would be the bloodiest tail at the end of the day. He would nose into a briary thicket and open with a song-like voice when he found a fox. The pack would fly to him, and his huntsman would be happy. He did it again, in his final hunt (but it turned out to be a cat).


Budweiser, handsome in the ring and in the field. Photo by Randall Carty.

Budweiser did some travelling to meet some girls. And he always got to hunt with the club that was looking after him. Yet while he hunted well for everyone, he was quirky about people: some huntsmen couldn’t touch him; others he liked to lick.

He has it good now, living inside with the newlyweds, Randall and Clint, in Gin Wiseman’s old house. He has a bed. He went to his new home on Saturday, October 15th.

But Saturday took, and Saturday brought. At the Moore County Performance Trial in Hoffman, one of Budweiser’s grandsons arrived from the Longreen Foxhounds in Memphis. Ryan Johnsey, MFH and huntsman of the Tennessee Valley Hunt, delivered him to us. Orvis is a precocious chip off the old block.


Orvis and MFH Fred Berry. Photo courtesy Sedgefield Hunt.

We can’t wait to see him in action next year.



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