Canine Foster Moms Nurture Orphaned Foxhound Puppies

What started off as a sad situation last spring - Longreen Foxhounds' (TN) Kindle '13 did not survive an emergency cesarean section at the veterinarian's office - developed into an inter-breed, cross-discipline example of canine cooperation. Joint Master and huntsman Susan Walker was prepared to hand-feed the litter if necessary, but knew a nursing foster mother would be the best choice in terms of nutrition and socialization. With the help of the greater dog community, and a varied team of good-natured mamas, eight Penn-Marydel puppies not only survived a difficult start, but are now thriving back at home.

Hillsboro Brighton '12 Demonstrates Superlative Qualities

What are the qualities a huntsman seeks when breeding to improve the pack? Demonstrated drive, great voice, and durable conformation are surely near the top of any list, and several huntsmen have found all these traits in Hillsboro Brighton '12. A recent online discussion of his pedigree and his progeny led us to ask Hillsboro Hounds (TN) huntsman Johnnie Gray and his wife, Leilani, about this exceptional doghound.

Seminar Strategies for Opening Territory

"You can have the most talented huntsman, the keenest pack of foxhounds, and the most supportive membership, but without land - you do not have a hunt." With this observation about the critical role of country, Ginny Perrin, MFH Deep Run Hunt (VA), introduced the Biennial Seminar session “Opening New Territory - Making the Most of a Finite Resource.” Panelists included Sean Cully, MFH, Rose Tree-Blue Mountain Hunt (PA), Ken George, huntsman at Midland Fox Hounds (GA), and David Moyes, president and ex-MFH Loudoun Fairfax Hunt (VA). All three shared detailed strategies incorporating planning, persistence, and attention to detail in obtaining landowner support.

Summer Hound Exercise Lays the Foundation for the Season Ahead

Hound exercise or roading? Both these terms can be used to explain the early season activity, but I prefer hound exercise because that is exactly what it is. I often refer to the 8th Duke of Beaufort’s book written on hunting for the Beaufort Library. The beginning of one chapter advises that to learn about hunting, “Find a Huntsman of note and use All your powers of observation to see what he does, then use All your powers of intelligence to reason why he does them.” With this in mind, I will take a look over a couple of articles at how hunts conduct various aspects of our sport and note the changes that have taken place over the last few decades. These will be my own observations, and readers may reason why their hunt operates in a particular way that best suits them.

Hound Breed Conformation Clinic Draws a Crowd at Mount Vernon

For many Biennial Seminar attendees, the most memorable event of a fantastic weekend was Saturday afternoon's presentation, "Different Hound Breeds and Their Conformation: Which Breed is Right for You?" Featuring two couples each of English, American, Crossbred, and Penn-Marydel hounds, the magnificent display of handsome hounds and staff in full kit drew a large audience of curious tourists as well as a rapt crowd of foxhunters. An historic interpreter portraying Washington's personal secretary introduced the program with entertaining and accurate details about the first president's own pack and their place at Mount Vernon.

Red Mountain Hounds Host Obstacle Course Challenge

On Saturday, June 9, Red Mountain Hounds (NC) hosted an Obstacle Course Challenge fundraiser - and challenging it was! Obstacles included several Tractor Tires, a Tunnel, Bridges of multiple descriptions, Pool Noodles in various configurations, a pit full of crunchy water bottles, and some plastic barrels that had been fashioned into a sled that more closely resembles something that the Flintstones drove around.

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