Misty Morning Hounds Come Through Hurricane Irma Intact

Our article on the southern hunts affected by Hurricane Irma was a popular item in last week's eCovertside. More recently, we received this positive update from another pack - albeit with some dramatic photographs. Master Alexis Macauley reports: "Misty Morning Hounds are alive and well in Gainesville, Florida. Lots of flooding and debris, but all horses and hounds and structures are fine. We lost several live oak trees.

Green Mountain Hounds Educate at Shelburne Museum

“What is the worst that could happen?” my wife asked me on the morning of the hunting demonstration. Visions of headlines such as, “Dozens hurt as horse goes beserk,” “Dozens hurt as pack of foxhounds goes beserk,” “Dozens hurt as anti-hunt protesters go beserk,” flitted through my head. It also occurred to me that perhaps no one at all would show up and we would be talking only to the crickets and mosquitos. Finally, I imagined our hounds running mute and the crowd wondering what it was supposed to sound like, looking at each other in embarrassment.

Smithtown Hunt Hosts Scent Hunting Clinic

Nearly 40 enthusiastic folks attended Smithtown Hunt's (NY) clinic at Southaven Count Park, Long Island on August 27, 2017. Weather conditions couldn’t have been more pleasant to sit under the pavilion and enjoy presentations by Angela Chewning, MFH, who briefly explained the history of hunting in general and scent hunting on Long Island, specifically. Brian Quinn, MFH explained and demonstrated the calls used by the huntsman to communicate with hounds and the field. Many participants tried their lips and lungs at blowing the horn.

Bijou Springs Hunt Rides at the Air Force Academy

Many hunt club-sponsored events might require a current Coggins test or a valid hunting license, but a background check? Members of Bijou Springs Hunt (CO) happily provided information needed for the latter, in order to enjoy a late summer trail ride at a unique property: the United States Air Force Academy. Huntsman Nancy Mitchell reports: "Retired Colonel John Weed, one of Bijou Spring's members, invited us to the ride the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Waterloo-Wellington's Annual Wine Ride Supports Hounds

Now in its third year, the Waterloo-Wellington Hunt (ON) Peller Estates Wine Ride is one of the club’s most popular fundraising events, with all money raised going to support the club’s hounds. Despite having such a wet summer in Ontario this year, the sun shone down on 40 horses and riders as they enjoyed good company, beautiful scenery, outstanding wines and a spectacular meal, while raising over $3,500 for the hounds.

Lee Gregory of Norfolk and Galway Reflects on a Sporting Life

Lee Gregory, granddaughter of a horseman who emigrated from Cork to Boston in the nineteenth century, has enjoyed a sporting life on both sides of the Atlantic. She proudly wears colors of Norfolk Hunt Club (MA) and Ireland's County Galway Hunt, “the Blazers.” Still riding beyond age 80, Gregory's enthusiasm and determination are her hallmarks.

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