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Traveling Grooms for Western Foxhunting Tour Adventure

Traveling Grooms for Western Foxhunting Tour Adventure


Adventure of a lifetime! Road trip from March 15 to April 11 to hunt with the following packs: Mission Valley in Kansas, Juan Thomas in New Mexico, Grand Canyon in Arizona, Sante Fe in California, Tejon in California, Red Rock in Nevada, North Hills in Nebraska, Arapahoe in Colorado and Bridlespur in Missouri. Seeking two people who love foxhunting and want to learn all they can about hunting in the Midwest and West. Because of the networking opportunities and visibility by MFHA executives, preference will be given to candidates for or graduates of the MFHA Professional Development Program. Job duties include daily care for up to 10 horses; groom and tack up to 5 horses pre-hunt and tend to horses post-hunt; clean stalls; clean tack; meet farrier and vet, as needed; and drive/haul, as needed. Lodging and meals provided, plus $500/week stipend.



Judith Craw

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