Written by Katy Carter
Published on 19 February 2014

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Staff Seminar a Success

Thank you for coming out and supporting the MFHA at the Biennial Staff Seminar in Lexington, KY. We'd like to thank all our vendors and member hunts who donated items for our silent auction; it was a big success, raising over $11,000 for the Association and the Foundation!

A special congratulations to Larry Pitts, Potomac Hunt huntsman, on receiving the Ian Milne Award and also to Thaddeus Prince from Misty River Hounds on receiving the Youth Scholarship to attend the seminar.


Submit Your Calendar Photos Today!

It's time once again to submit candidates for the 2015 MFHA North American Foxhunting Calendar. We take photos from both professional and amateur photographers but they must meet the following guidelines:
1) High resolution: 300 dpi or larger, expandable to 9x13 with no dot gain or blurring.
2) Depict an MFHA recognized or registered hunt.
3) Be horizontal in aspect (do not send vertical photos).
4) Be named with your last name (ie: Smith_2014).
5) Include a Word document that has details about the photo-who's in it, what they are doing, and what hunt is depicted.
6) Can be any season, as long as it it clear that it is hunting related (hound shows, hound exercise, cubbing, etc.) are all acceptable.

Do not send:
1) Cell phone photos
2) Files named with a camera ID such as IMG_1234 or DCS5678
3) Photos of scenes that are not hunting related.

Please send your photos via a link on Dropbox. Do NOT send photos through email.
If you have questions, contact production@covertside.net or publisher@covertside.net.


Jockey Club Renews TIP funding for 2014 Hunt Horse of the Year

The Jockey Club has provided $200 in cash and awards for the Field Horse of the Year and Staff Horse of the Year for 2014.
1) Staff Horse of the Year: Nominated by a registered and recognized hunt's MFH, the Staff Horse of the Year exhibits the best qualities of the TB and the hunt horse: game, bold, fearless, fast and rideable. The staff hunt horse is truly a special animal that everyone in the club admires for his qualities. Must be a registered Thoroughbred, with proof of registration as provided at www.tjctip.com. Award:  $100 to the hunt club or owner and engraved or embroidered prize (cooler, halter, etc) (provided by T.I.P.). Winner announced at the MFHA Annual Meeting, January 2015.

2) Field Member Horse of the Year: Field Master nominated, this horse exhibits the best qualities of the TB and field horse. A fine jumper, polite in the field, well mannered at the trailer. Must be a registered Thoroughbred, with proof of registration as provided at www.tjctip.com. $100 to member + prize. Winner announced at MFHA Annual Meeting Jan. 2015.

The deadline for nominations is October 1. Application can be found here.

Written by Barbara Smith
Published on 08 April 2014

Eastern FH Goes West 1I was so eager to get out of snowy Maryland for my California foxhunting weekend, that I forgot to take all the whipper-in ratshot bullets out of my hacking jacket, which I was wearing on the plane to save suitcase weight. So, as you can imagine, there was a minor incident after I went through security at BWI. Embarrassed and a little worried, my hound training explanation was me with blank stares. Luckily, a nice agent told me to go back, throw them out and come back! I happily complied! After missing our connection in Salt Lake City, we finally made it to Los Angeles via Las Vegas and found my daughter, Sarah. It was so warm and lovely it was hard to believe we were on the same planet as the frozen East Coast.

Written by Edited Press Release
Published on 08 April 2014

Southern Hound show 14 Ch smallThe eighth annual Southern Hound Show, held on April 5th at Live Oak Plantation in Monticello, Florida, began with overcast skies and the threat of rain, which kept temperatures moderate for the morning classes.  

This year’s judges were Mr. Nigel Peel, MFH North Cotswold Hunt, and Mrs. Linda Jenkins Armbrust, MFH Blue Ridge Hunt. Mr. Franklin Whit Foster, MFH Green Spring Valley Hounds, was the apprentice judge.  Mr. Peel said that he was very impressed with the levelness and amount of quality he saw in every class. 

Written by Epp Wilson
Published on 17 March 2014

Belle Meade 14 trialsAllison Howell photoPerformance Trials bring great hounds, fit horses, enthusiastic people and big expectations. The pressure on the staff is huge. The pressure on the judges and guest huntsman is even bigger. This is the event we work toward all season. For many of us it is the high point of our entire hunt season.

So, when we say we had two of the best days of hunting we ever had, we do not take it lightly. We say it with appreciation. We say it with pride. We say it with gratitude for all the landowners who let us ride over 35,000 contiguous acres of hunt country. We say it with a lot of relief. When the expectations are so high, it is hard to meet them.

Written by Clarice Jones Tate
Published on 06 March 2014

Clarice TateSarah Dufton English photoIt was 1995 and I had no idea that my life would change forever. My friend, Katy Sheesley and I were at a meeting in Nashville comprised of professional women, and the meeting happened to seat us according to hobbies. Our table was marked, “Horse Back Riding.”  We sat together and I learned that she foxhunted. I had no idea that the hunting activity depicted in the traditional paintings and prints that I had seen and collected all my adult life did not just take place in England, but was a very active sport in the good old USA. Not only that, but that there were several foxhunting clubs in Tennessee. One thing led to another and a few weeks later we were riding trails at Panorama Farm in Leiper's Fork, TN because as a responsible foxhunter she wanted to see if I had the right stuff to hunt.


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